"Raunchy Farce"

Content: -3 Excessive content and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

SEX TAPE is a raunchy comedy about a bored married couple. Jay and Annie think their sex life needs some pizzazz. One evening, they ship their two children to Grandma so they can have a night of romance. However, they are too stressed to enjoy themselves. Annie suggests using an iPad to make a sex tape of themselves, with the intention of erasing it the next day. Instead of erasing it, Jay accidentally sends it out to the connected iPads of their friends and family. With help from two friends, they go on a frantic overnight quest to grab all the iPads, including that of Annie’s new boss.

As usual with such comedies, the cleaner parts of SEX TAPE are actually more funnier than the crude, obscene jokes. The scenes where the protagonists have to retrieve the iPads have energy and humor. Also, the protagonists are devoted to each other and are good parents, despite being sex-obsessed. The rest of SEX TAPE, however, is filled with frequent foul language and explicit lewd content. There’s also a comical scene about cocaine use.


(PaPaPa, B, LLL, VV, SSS, NN, AA, DDD, MMM) Very strong mixed pagan worldview with some solid moral elements supporting good parenting and having a balanced marriage that’s not overly focused on sex, but having sex being only one of many important things; 85 or more obscenities and profanities (including many “f” words); some strong comic violence includes vicious, large dog chases husband through house of his wife’s boss and places him in comic yet somewhat scary peril at a couple of moments, and he winds up with bloody scratches and a bite mark on his face before he’s seen throwing the dog out the upstairs window of the house; very strong sexual content includes making a private sex tape that accidentally becomes public and a montage featuring multiple sex scenes played for laughs, with some graphic and some implied positions in a multitude of indoor and outdoor locations, plus lots of graphic sex talk, including discussion of favorite pornography, and husband’s best friend repeatedly expresses his lustful admiration for the wife after watching their sex tape; rear female and male nudity, side views of woman’s breasts, implied nudity, and upper male nudity; some alcohol use; no smoking but comical scene where wife snorts cocaine with her prospective boss to keep him distracted while her husband sneaks through man’s house to retrieve iPad with their sex footage on it; and, very strong miscellaneous immorality includes protagonists lie and trespass and vandalize to retrieve their sex video or stop it from getting out publicly and one character is a fan of a heavy metal band.

More Detail:

SEX TAPE is a raunchy, very R-rated comedy about a bored married couple who tape themselves having sex and then scramble to get the videos back when the husband accidentally emails it to their closest friends and family. SEX TAPE has a strong mixed pagan worldview with solid moral elements about having a good marriage and being good parents, but it contains abundant crude content making it unacceptable.

The movie stars Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel as Jay and Annie, a married couple who used to love sex anywhere, everywhere and in every way imaginable when they first met, but who have lost their spark after 10 years and two children. Annie is about to sell her blog about mommy life to a major online distributor headed by Hank Rosenbaum (Rob Lowe). Hank is an apparent white-bread milquetoast who loves Annie’s wholesome image. She and Jay decide to celebrate by shipping the children off to grandma and having a wild sex night.

Even then, however, they are too stressed to enjoy themselves. Through a series of mishaps large and small, Jay and Annie wind up worrying that they’ve lost their sexual attraction for each other. Until, that is, Annie suggests using an iPad to make a sex tape of themselves, with the intention of erasing it the next day.

Instead of erasing it, clumsy Jay accidentally sends the video out to a group of friends and family whose used iPads are linked together. So, Jay and Annie, with their two best friends in tow, go on a crazed overnight quest to grab all the iPads back before the sex video can be seen. Complications ensue when Annie’s new boss becomes a prime target.

A title like SEX TAPE should make it clear that this isn’t a movie for media-wise viewers with moral concerns. It definitely is one of the more sexually graphic movies to come out of a big Hollywood studio in years. There are numerous sex scenes, played mostly for laughs, with the most graphic nudity thankfully left to the viewer’s imagination. The movie’s frequent sex jokes and dialogue about sex are also hindrances. SEX TAPE also contains an inappropriate comical scene about cocaine use.

Despite all the raunchiness, the performances are comically adept across the board. Director Jake Kasdan gives the movie’s cleanest parts – the hunt for the video and iPads – a lot of energy. One extended sequence at the home of Annie’s boss Hank is a gem of comical surprises, particularly with Jay’s battle royal against a vicious dog. Seeing that the movie can be funny without the raunchy sexual focus makes one wish that the filmmakers would just make a solidly funny movie without so much graphic content.

The movie’s raunchy pagan content is mixed with some solid moral elements showing the protagonists are devoted to each other and are good parents, even if they are sex-obsessed. By the end, they come to the conclusion they don’t have to either be deprived of sex nor constantly focused on it. Instead, sex should just be one part of a balanced married life.

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