Content: -2 Discretion advised for adults.

What You Need To Know:

Set in WWII, SHINING THROUGH depicts a Brooklyn-born secretary who travels to Berlin to work as an undercover domestic for a high-ranking Nazi officer, in hopes of gathering secret information for the American allies. Although Ms. Griffith's German accent leaves much to be desired, SHINING THROUGH is a well-executed motion picture, replete with fine acting, handsome costuming and photography, and a big orchestral score. Regrettably, there is an illicit, on-camera sexual relationship.


(L, VV, SS, NN, A/D, M) 4 obscenities & 5 profanities; shooting woman in stomach, stabbing, bombs & handguns, explosions, & destruction of property; bedroom scenes & fornication; slight female nudity; and, alcohol use & smoking.

More Detail:

In SHINING THROUGH, Melanie Griffith plays Linda, a WWII military secretary who wants to become a spy. Half-Jewish and lacking the proper schooling, she would have remained stateside if her boss and lover Ed Leland had not found out that she spoke German. Thus, Linda finds herself in Berlin to gather information on a rocket bomb Hitler is developing. Posing as a cook for a S.S. officer, she plans to rendezvous with Colonel Leland in two weeks. When her cooking humiliates the officer at a dinner party, a higher-ranking officer decides that she can serve the Reich better as the nanny to his children. At his house, she uncovers blueprints to the dreaded weapon, but loses communication with the Allies. As she tries to deliver the microfilm across the border, we’re served up the requisite thrills: explosions, double-crosses and daring Douglas to the rescue.

Although SHINING THROUGH is relatively free of offensive language and gratuitous violence, there is an illicit sex scene with sleight female nudity. However, it is a well-executed movie, with fine acting, photography and music. Also, the fact that the lead isn’t a feminist, shows a boldness on the part of the filmmakers.

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