Content: -3 Excessive content and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

SPECIES is a cross between ALIEN and THE FUGITIVE. When a alien/human life form escapes from a laboratory, a team of scientists and one assassin go on a search to destroy the uncontrollable monster. This ultra-gross and nudity-filled picture joins the all-too-common group of sex and violence thrillers perverting the movie and television screens today.


(NA, LL, VVV, SS, NNN, A) Pagan worldview demeaning human life; 13 obscenities & one profanity; extensive gory violence where alien throws man up against wall, swallows a woman whole, impales a man through the head, gorges another man through the mouth, and rips & slashes others; car crashes into woman, car explodes & aliens on fire; two depicted acts of fornication and attempted fornication; brief full-frontal female nudity and extensive female frontal nudity; alcohol use

More Detail:

SPECIES opens on a glass cubicle enclosing a frightened girl. Ben Kingsley stares at her with sad eyes as technicians hook up cyanide gas to exterminate her. The girl resists death by crashing through the glass and flees into the neighboring countryside. She jumps a train, kills an attendant and transforms herself into a woman. This female, the product of a U.S. government biological experiment combining human DNA with alien DNA, is out of control and will kill anyone or anything that stands in her way. Kingsley assembles a team together and gives a clear objective: hunt down the alien/woman and destroy it. After killing many potential lovers, she seduces one scientist from the team, copulates, kills him, and runs down into the sewer. The team follows her and incinerates her and her “son” with flame-throwers.

SPECIES provides a horrifying, suspenseful progression of events. Though the story drags at moments, the human interaction between the team members provides a refreshing contrast to the stark brutality of the alien. Regrettably, large holes remain in the plot. This ultra-gross and nudity-filled picture joins the sex and violence thrillers perverting the screens today as it demeans the value of human life and degrades the intimacy and beauty of procreation.

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