Content: -4 Gross immorality, and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

In STIR OF ECHOES, Kevin Bacon plays a young married man in Chicago who is haunted by the "ghost" of a dead teenage girl who was brutally murdered. Filled with scary images, STIR OF ECHOES also contains some extreme, but brief, scenes of bloody violence and a false occult premise that contradicts what the Bible teaches.


Occult worldview with moral elements; 52 obscenities & 20 mostly mild profanities plus a few mild sexual comments; scary images of dead person's gruesome "ghost" & extreme, but brief, bloody violence including man pulls out tooth, fingernail breaks into bloody mess, teenager shoots himself in the head, teenager raped, images of corpse, & shootout; depcited sex between married couple & implied rape scene; upper male & female nudity during sex scene & upper male & rear female nudity in natural context; alcohol use & drunkenness; smoking; and, kidnapping, two strong, scary hypnosis scenes that may be suggestive to certain personalities, references to astrology, arguing, & people cover up crime.

More Detail:

Horror movies are definitely hip this summer, garnering lots of strong box office numbers. STIR OF ECHOES with Kevin Bacon may not earn a big profit like its competition, but it still serves up its fair share of scares, despite another occult premise that contradicts what the Bible teaches.

Bacon plays Tom, a working class married guy who has just begun renting a house in Chicago with his wife, Maggie, and their young son, Jake. Tom and Maggie don’t realize that Jake has an “imaginary” friend named Samantha who just happens to be the gruesome “ghost” of a local teenager girl. When Maggie’s astrologist friend, Lisa, hypnotizes Tom after skeptical Tom dares Lisa to do it, Tom starts seeing Samantha’s “ghost” too. Soon, Tom and Jake are sharing their secret psychic lives, leaving Maggie out of the loop. Tom has visions of the future, including the attempted bloody suicide of a friend’s teenage son. He becomes obsessed with finding out more about Samantha, who, in another hypnosis session with Lisa, tells Tom to start digging. That’s exactly what Tom does, in his own yard no less, much to Maggie’s consternation.

Filled with scary images, STIR OF ECHOES includes two strong hypnosis scenes that may harm certain suggestive personalities in the audience. It also contains some extreme, but brief, scenes of bloody violence.

Although this movie delivers the chills that horror fans expect, it accepts the false and dangerous idea that the “ghosts” of dead people can communicate with the living and even help certain “mediums” solve crimes. This is an evil notion that Hollywood should reject rather than promote. It is an idea that comes from the false religious premises of spiritism, a demonic belief system that has infected many Americans since the late 1800s. It is important to note that spiritism can only thrive in an heretical atmosphere where people have already rejected such traditional, essential Bible teachings as salvation by grace through faith and not by works, the inerrancy of Scripture and the doctrine of the Holy Trinity. The saving grace of STIR OF ECHOES, if there can be such a thing in such a movie, is that, in the final scene, the little boy, Jake, shuts his ears against the pleas of the ghostly demons haunting him and his dad.

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