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What You Need To Know:

STRIPTEASE makes SHOWGIRLS look like as masterpiece. Without much emotion, Demi Moore plays Erin Grant who strips to make money so that she can keep her child. Supposedly a comeback movie for Burt Reynolds, it is foul, offensive and morally repugnant, with unnecessary violence, tons of nudity and many instances of kinky sex including narcissism, bestiality, lesbianism, self-flagellation, kinky sex of every variety, and pedophilia with strippers dressed as little girls and little girls watching strippers.


(Pa, LLL, VV, SSS, NNN, A, D, M) Pagan worldview; 12 profanities & 36 obscenities; unnecessary violence including breaking an arm, bashing in heads, stepping on fingers, & threatening with guns; kinky sex, mock sex, auto-eroticism, sexual innuendo, bestiality, pedophilia, & narcissism; tons of nudity featuring oversize-glands; drinking; smoking & drug use; and, deceit, fraud, murder, & much more

More Detail:

STRIPTEASE makes SHOWGIRLS look like a masterpiece. The story is about Erin Grant played without much emotion by Demi Moore who has lost custody of her child to her thieving husband. The judge says that in order for her to keep her child, she needs a job so she decides to strip. At the club, everybody wants to help her, the dumb blonde strippers, the kind-hearted bouncer, and the nerdy patrons. Opportunity knocks when Congressman Dilbeck, played by Burt Reynolds, hits a patron over the head who has grabbed Erin. One of the customers, Larry, offers to blackmail Dilbeck to get Erin’s child back. Larry ends up dead in a pond where detective Al is taking his vacation. Al decides to solve the case. The situation worsens when Erin kidnaps her daughter from her sleazy husband, and Dilbeck pays 2000 dollars to have Erin dance for him alone.

STRIPTEASE takes a swipe at the Christian Coalition, batters away at Republicans, mocks Judaism, and generally offends everyone. The movie is part action/part detective/part comedy/part women’s rights/part bozo blondes/and part heart-rendering child custody. Regrettably, these parts fit together about as well as Demi Moore’s dancing which is uninspired, uninteresting & sadly redundant. This movie also has narcissism, bestiality, lesbianism, self-flagellation, kinky sex of every variety, and pedophilia. Worse films have been made, but it is hard to recall one.