TALK TO ME (1999)

Content: -3 Excessive content and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

TALK TO ME is a low-budget independent movie with an unbiblical worldview about a young couple trying to navigate the dangerous waters of the dating game in New York City. Although the movie has some moral elements to it, the movie also contains a pornographic scene with graphic nudity and seems to advocate premarital sex.


Strong romantic worldview of relationships where society's modern dating scene has corrupted people's natural inclinations with minor moral elements; 24 obscenities & 5 profanities, plus sexual talk; no violence; depicted masturbation & implied fornication; full male & female nudity, woman in shower & woman in skimpy clothes; alcohol use; smoking; and, lying, suicidal talk & man steps in manure.

More Detail:

Set in New York City, TALK TO ME is a low-budget independent movie about a young woman named Betty who has a hard time with the dating scene, especially when she tries to think of something interesting to say to the men she meets. She meets an architect named Arnold on a telephone party line and dating service. They establish a relationship after having graphic phone sex, but Betty has given Arnold her dead mother’s name, Miranda, instead of her own. When he learns the truth, it presents problems for the couple until Betty’s friend Ronnie has a grave personal crisis over the same party line.

Although none of the characters turns to God or the Bible to solve their problems, TALK TO ME rightly criticizes the modern dating scene. For instance, Ronnie realizes the emptiness and loneliness that people create as they navigate the dangerous waters of the modern dating scene. She expresses her thoughts over the party line, and it clearly affects the other people on the line in a positive way.

However, the relationship between Betty and Arnold begins with a pornographic sex scene containing graphic nudity. In that scene, Betty and Arnold completely undress while they talk dirty to each other over a private line established by the dating service. They later consummate their affair in person. Consequently, the movie fails to realize that premarital fornication is a major reason men and women are having problems with their romantic relationships.

Thus, although the director, George Esguerra, who also co-wrote the movie, has fashioned an entertaining, at times insightful, movie, he has given his movie an immoral core that blinds him to the real solution to the crazy dating games that people play.

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