Content: -2 Discretion advised for adults.

What You Need To Know:

TANK GIRL is a surreal movie about a young vivacious girl, Rebecca, who is taken prisoner by an all-powerful force called Water and Power. The autocrat of this system recognizes Rebecca's spunk and rebellious attitude and wants her to be a part of his "team." Rebecca refuses to be another prisoner of Water and Power. She escapes their control and is determined to conquer the entire system with the help of her new-found friends, the Kangaroo men.


(NA, L, VVV, NN, M) Pagan worldview; 9 obscenities; extreme violence with machine guns & grenades; partial female nudity; and, occasional smoking.

More Detail:

TANK GIRL is about a young vivacious girl whose mission is to “buck the system.” The story takes place in a surreal world wherean all-powerful force called Water & Power controls her world. They hold Rebecca prisoner, torturing her severely, but Rebecca and another female prisoner escape and are determined to fight back. On their journey to freedom, they meet up with Kangaroo men who help them conquer and destroy Water & Power. The movie ends with Rebecca as queen and ruler, as she begins a love affair with one of the Kangaroo men named Bugo.

TANK GIRL’s plot is weak. There is nothing that keeps the audience attached to the screen except for the few humorous scenes. Rebecca’s journey to conquer Water and Power is quite violent. However, the violence isn’t graphic or gory. The Kangaroo men add to the movie’s humor. The short clips of cartoon illustrations that flash on the screen from time to time are backed with Heavy Metal and Rap music. They give the movie a unique, funky/fresh feel. The movie is based on the premise: never give up. If there is something in this life that you want, no matter how bad life treats you, you can do it. (The only bad principle the movie portrays is that you can get whatever you want through violent behavior). With the help of friends, no matter how big the “monsters” are, you can do anything you want.

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