Content: +1 Discernment required for young children.

What You Need To Know:

THE CLINTON CHRONICLES is a documentary presenting a chronology of the alleged scandals associated with the Clinton presidency. While poorly edited, this video offers insight to the discerning viewer.


Nothing offensive, but definite political viewpoint.

More Detail:

THE CLINTON CHRONICLES attempts to be a visual audit trail of the alleged scandals surrounding the Clinton presidency. While this film does not support many of its arguments with enough documentation, it provides much to ponder. It draws circumstantial evidence together in a logical fashion but, unfortunately, presents this as the “truth” of what has occurred. In citing claims that President Clinton has hijacked the government and implies dictatorial powers upon the presidency, this video fails then to present a clear understanding of the nature of our federal system as outlined in the Federalist Papers. Much more evidence is needed to make this documentary the proof desired by the Citizens for Honest Government.

The quality of documentaries is never as clean and polished as a feature film. Even taking this into consideration, the editing should create a smooth-flowing train of thought. THE CLINTON CHRONICLES lacks such consistency. There are some very good sound-bytes presented, and certain segments offer creatively edited commentary which enforces the ideological position and the purpose of the film. If this video is viewed very carefully, real information can be discerned from the unverified accusations.