The Debt

"Truth Is Never a Luxury"

Quality: Content: -2 "EXTREME CAUTION"




(BBB, C, Ab, Fe, Ho, LL, VVV, S, NN, AA, D, MM) Very strong dominant moral worldview, whereby the protagonist must face her past and face up to lifelong deception by putting the greater good and the truth above her own reputation and even that of her family, with a minor off-the-cuff reference to the Judeo-Christian God but no explicit exploration of faith influencing the heroine’s decision, Nazi doctor makes anti-Semitic remarks, strong female protagonist working for the dominantly male Israeli central intelligence office (MOSSAD), and character briefly jokes about a male agent being homosexual (he is in fact not); 10 obscenities (mostly the “f” word), in concentrated doses and mostly uttered by one single male character; graphic violence connected to the action topic of the movie (but at times excessive), including man runs in front of 18-wheeler to commit suicide with graphic footage of his body crushed by the wheels of the truck, antagonist tied and gagged, man violently slams woman in face and throws her against wall then kicks her bloody face, lots of physical training in hand-to-hand combat, images of the Holocaust includes medical experimentation on women and children, woman stabs man with needle and restrains him with her legs around his neck during gynecological exam, agent hits and knocks out guard, shooting, man runs soldier over with truck, force feeding, tied up man urinates himself (because he resists going to bathroom), agent beats up Nazi suspect, woman slaps man, man violently stabs woman with medical scissors, and she stabs him in leg, with lots of blood; implied fornication, female agent has drunken one-night stand and gets pregnant during the mission out of wedlock with man she does not love after attempting to seduce another agent but she marries the father of her child later, married woman briefly considers leaving with another man but ultimately picks her unfaithful husband and daughter, kissing, man taps woman on rear end, two journalists kiss, make out and are later heard off screen; naked buttocks of woman visible under her clothes as she makes out with man and woman comes out of a bathroom wearing only a towel twice; alcohol use and drunkenness; smoking and purchasing of cigarettes; and, agents break into and steal truck needed for their mission and impersonate ambulance drivers, female agent impersonates a patient to get closer to Nazi doctor, agents decide to dissimulate their failure by crafting an alternate story and lying to their superiors, their family and the world, and male agent attempts to convince the others not to reveal the truth after 30 years.