"More Gore Than Horror"

Content: -4 Gross immorality, and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

THE DEVIL’S REJECTS is a horror story about the maniacal Firefly family and a vigilante lawman. The sheriff takes the law into his own hands as he tracks down the murderous family. The body count rises until a brutal showdown at a brothel. Instead of arresting the family, the sheriff takes them to their home and tortures them. However, the family manages to escape. In the final sequence, the family is driving down the highway when they are stopped by a police barricade. Instead of surrendering, they brandish their guns and head straight into the barricade.

Even though the film is well-directed and well-acted, the movie itself becomes lost in its own depravity. THE DEVIL'S REJECTS is, of course, abhorrent. It contains a strongly pagan, nihilistic worldview that rejects any customary views on morality and religion. The film openly mocks God and the Holy Spirit. With over 250 mostly strong obscenities and 14 profanities, as well as morbidly excessive violence and overly abundant sexuality, this film should be avoided at all costs. THE DEVIL’S REJECTS is in no way entertaining, and it seems to be more of a gore film rather than a horror movie.


(PaPaPa, AbAbAb, FRFRFR, LLL, VVV, SSS, NNN, AAA, DDD, MMM) Very strong pagan, nihilistic worldview that rejects any form of customary beliefs in morality and religion (as one of the performers states, “Good people turn bad. Bad people turn badder. Everything that’s not supposed to happen happens”), with very strong anti-Christian, anti-biblical references including killer mocks a victim by telling him he “feels the Holy Spirit” as the man prays to God for mercy and killer states that he “is the devil, here to do the devil’s work,” before brutally slaying a victim; more than 250 strong obscenities (mostly “F” words), 14 profanities and one blasphemy mocking the Holy Spirit; extreme violence includes graphic imagery of police report victims; several police officers shot in the opening sequence, various stabbings throughout the movie, multiple shootings including a man shot in the head and another man shot in the neck, sheriff punches, chokes and stabs female prisoner, male victim’s face carved off with a knife and then worn as a mask, motel bathroom filled with corpses and messages written on the walls in blood, woman gets hit by truck and is immediately killed, man's hand slammed in car door, sheriff beats killers and staples photos of victims to their chests, sheriff drives nails through one of the killer’s hands, axe driven into a man’s neck, sheriff’s neck broken by disfigured man, a shootout at the end where the killers are massacred by police officers and several beatings throughout the film; very strong sexual content including depicted sex with a prostitute, another woman is made to strip down to her lingerie and groped at gunpoint, graphic discussion of bestiality, and prostitution implies, discussed and depicted; full female nudity as woman is dragged from shower at gunpoint and photos of upper female nudity; several images of alcohol use and illegal drug abuse, including a lengthy montage of several people drinking heavily, dancing seductively with prostitutes, smoking dope, and snorting cocaine; and, lawlessness, including the movie glorifies vigilante justice as the sheriff remarks that he “tried to walk the line,” but now he realizes, “there is no line, and he then goes outside the law and tortures the killers just as they had tortured so many victims.

More Detail:

THE DEVIL’S REJECTS is a horror story that follows the homicidal Firefly family as they race to escape from the law and a vigilante sheriff bent on revenging his brother’s death.

The movie opens with Sheriff Wydell and a squad of police officers raiding the Firefly family’s home. After a violent shootout where several police officers are killed, two of the Fireflys, Baby and Otis, escape. They hole up in a small motel awaiting the arrival of their father, Captain Spaulding, a murderous clown with a penchant for threatening little children. The family will stop at nothing and murder anyone who stands in their way as they flee from Sheriff Wydell.

The sheriff takes the law into his own hands as he enlists the help of several bounty hunters to track down the murderous family. The body count rises until a brutal showdown at a brothel where the bounty hunters kill several prostitutes and take Captain Spaulding, Baby and Otis into custody. Instead of turning them into the authorities, however, the sheriff takes them back to their home, ties them up, and tortures them just as they had tortured their victims. However, the family manages to escape with the help of a pimp and their disfigured brother who breaks the sheriff’s neck with his bare hands. In the final sequence, the family is driving down the highway when they are stopped by a police barricade. Instead of surrendering, they brandish their guns and head straight into the barricade. The police open fire and kill all the murderous Firefly family.

From a production standpoint, the film was focused and direct. Writer and director Rob Zombie definitely created a specific world in which these characters exist. In order to give the film a dirtier, edgier quality, he chose to shoot the film with Super 16mm. The actors gave 110% in their performances, which is also a credit to the director. Zombie definitely has “chops” as a filmmaker.

However, the content is so disturbing that the production value goes right out the window. The movie turns from being a horror movie to not much more than just gore. Viewer will be pushed out of this world he had created rather than drawn in to it. Instead of being frightened, most viewers will be disgusted.

The director was quoted as saying, “When something bad was happening, I wanted it to be horrible to watch.” Well, he certainly achieved that goal. From the gratuitous nudity to an overabundance of foul language to the excessive violence, the movie starts out bad and quickly spirals downward. All of the creativity of the director’s mind is lost in the depravity of his soul. Although the intended audience is adult, this movie should be avoided by people all ages.

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