Content: -4 Gross immorality, and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:


Nudity, promiscuity, and extremely crude and graphic sexual references and innuendos; pre-adolescent voyeurism; and, obscenities

More Detail:

Appealing directly and explicitly to the sexual fantasies, lusts and desires of teenage boys, this extremely shameful and tasteless sexploitation farce focuses on Alvin and Randy, two newcomers to fictitious Hart University.

Alvin, though, seems to have a problem with daydreaming in that he can’t distinguish his sexual fantasies from reality. He speaks with and fondles his apparitions as if they were really there, to the puzzlement of Randy, whose main objective is to get the real thing.

Alvin has a nerdy female counterpart with the same problem who fantasizes about him. They meet, have a few dates together and supposedly resolve their conflict, but who knows since only 20 minutes of the film were reviewed… It was just too unbearable to sit through anymore of it.

Unabashedly, the film brazenly shows sorority pledge girls practicing fornication. X-rated humor and sex jokes of the worst kind abound constantly and continually, and are the reasons why the film warrants an evil rating. That delinquent and immature film makers are allowed to bring this kind of adolescent smut on screen ought to outrage even the most liberal of ideologists.

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