Content: -2 Discretion advised for adults.

What You Need To Know:

THE ENGLISH PATIENT is a period romantic-drama set during World War II. A Canadian nurse named Hana cares for a badly burned man, who has a mysterious past of espionage and adultery. This movie is too long and has depicted adultery and nudity.


(Ro, LL, V, S, NNN, A, D) Romantic worldview of adulterous love; 8 obscenities & 5 profanities (all mild); mild violence including briefly depicted war scenes, two plane crashes & images of bloody men; briefly depicted adultery & fornication; full frontal female nudity & upper male nudity; alcohol use; and smoking

More Detail:

THE ENGLISH PATIENT is a World War II romance which looks at adulterous love among upper class spies. The movie starts in Tuscany at the end of the Second World War. Hana, a dark-eyed Canadian nurse, has lost her lover to the enemy. She believes she is cursed since all those whom she loved die. She is assigned to take care of the badly burned Englishman, Almasy . He is hardly coherent, but she learns a great deal about his past from a scrapbook that he keeps. Almasy doesn’t remember much, but when he and Hana settle into a dilapidated monastery for his recovery, she slowly begins to understand his involvement in the war.

Acting is picture perfect, and as the story switches back and forth between the monastery and the desert, the nuances intrigue us. The photography is particularly appealing. Likewise, the writing is superb, and the music plays heavily into the overall success of the film. Morally, this movie is fatalistic. Hana believes in a false curse, and it motivates her every action. Almasy feels fatally attracted to Katharine and tragic consequences result. Though unintended, this movie shows that adultery will result in pain. Though told with enthusiasm, it depicts adulterous sex and nudity.

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