Content: -3 Excessive content and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

In this remake of THE GETAWAY, a husband and wife high-tech thief team get caught up in the crossfire of other crooks who want what they have. Another morally bankrupt, formulaically derivative, crime-glorification movie that asks the viewer to root and cheer for killers and thieves.


(H, LLL, NNN, SSS, VVV, M) Humanism; over 30 obscenities, blasphemies & 3 profanities; full female nudity; several graphic sex scenes & implied adultery; lots of gun fire & graphic violence with bodies ripped & shredded by bullets; greedy killers as "heroes" & glorification of crime.

More Detail:

In this remake of THE GETAWAY, the married team of Doc and Carol McCoy are professional thieves. Set in present-day Arizona, Texas and Mexico, THE GETAWAY is a passionless walk through Sam Peckinpah’s 1972 movie. This predictable film opens with Doc and Carol taking target practice. A “buddy” drives up offering them $300,000 if they spring a Mexican bandito’s nephew from an American prison. They spring the guy, and when they get to Mexico, Alex gets arrested. Carol prostitutes herself to the wealthy James Woods to get Doc out of the Mexican prison. They kill Woods and make off with all the money while the thugs come after them.

This is a pseudo-action thriller in which the actors, writer and director seem not to care. Ho-hum and boring are the first words that come to mind in assessing this heinous piece of crime-glorification. The new twist of this “buddy” movie is that this team is married both on screen and in real life, and that the female lead gets to curse and kill like the men. The big mystery is how major stars could be attracted to such a paint-by-the numbers, seen-it-all before schlock. What could be more immoral than spending millions of dollars on a movie that asks us to root for criminals whose goal is to get away with one million dollars which they have not only stolen but engaged in killing, mayhem and murder to obtain?

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