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Profanity, obscenity, including their teaching such language to children; murder and violence, including an impaling; stealing; gambling; revenge and hypocrisy; treacherous depiction of authority; and, alcohol abuse

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A team of L.A.P.D. officers, led by Frank Daily, are on a major drug investigation. Their sting operation goes awry, and Frank’s unit is suspended, but they decide to stay on the case anyway. When one of Frank’s men is killed, he and the others, rather than face an inquiry, resign from the force, determined to find the killers.

Deciding to take the law into their own hands, the ex-cops turn vigilante because they “can’t stop now.” They soon stumble onto a huge drugs-for-guns operation with political overtones that involves a federal D.E.A. agent, a Navy admiral and their former police captain who has since changed sides because he believes they’ve lost the war on drugs. Frank and his men end up with $22 million that can’t be traced and decide to keep it.

However, the evil-doers figure out who has their money and come after them. In a bloody, final confrontation, Frank blows up the loot, realizing that this was the money that killed their partner.

This is a very bad movie. Passing itself off for drama, profanities and obscenities occur ad nauseam, including a scene where such language is actually taught to children. The film makers evidently despise those in authority, as they’re made to be treacherous, murderous and violent. Neither are Frank and his men appropriate role models: alcohol abusers and gamblers, these vile characters are guilty of hypocrisy and corruption themselves, contemplating the taking of drug money because “no one will know.” How dare the film makers insinuate that they’re “the last of the finest.” Well, may their violence be upon their own heads, and may God “turn their own tongues against them and bring them to ruin” (Psalm 64:8).

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