Content: +1 Discernment required for young children.

What You Need To Know:

THE LEOPARD SON is a documentary that chronicles the coming-of-age of a young leopard cub in the wilds of Africa. There is a constant allusion by the narrator, played by Sir John Gielgud , to similar human experiences. The film footage is marvelous, and the educational element very strong. Apart from the ponderous narrative, the tedious length and mild references to evolution, film is a good educational experience for young adults and old alike.


(FR, V) Mild evolutionary worldview; and, some scary animal attack footage

More Detail:

THE LEOPARD SON is a documentary of the coming-of-age of a young leopard cub. The story is presented as the personal experience of the narrator, played by Sir John Gielgud , who has documented each of the significant experiences the cub must endure. The cub begins in total dependence on his mother to provide food. Even once the cub appears to be large enough and old enough to hunt for himself, he continues to rely on his mother to provide each meal. Finally, in what at first seems a cruel gesture of nature, the cub is provided with his last meal and then seemingly abandoned by his mother to face the hunt for himself.

The footage is fantastic, and the cinematography matches any quality nature photography. However, the concept of the film, and the perspective of the narrator doesn’t work well at all. As a family film, families should be forewarned only that the film is a little tedious and long for a young audience. There is, however, no objectionable material in the film except some mild references to evolution. The greatest recommendation for the film would be an unexpected challenge from the film makers, that the wildlife and land point to the wonderful marvel of God’s creation.

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