"Surfing the Wave to Fulfillment"

Content: -1 Discretion advised for older children.

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What You Need To Know:

Inspired by true events, THE PERFECT WAVE stars Scott Eastwood as a young man with a lost soul who looks for the perfect wave to satisfy his personal emptiness. Ian and his buddy travel all over spending their days surfing, drinking and partying. Ian strikes up a relationship with Annabel during his trip and falls for her. He is heartbroken after Annabel ends things. Ian struggles to find the perfect wave, but ends up finding so much more after an event changes him for life.

THE PERFECT WAVE has a strong Christian worldview, with some spectacular performances. Sadly, the script could have been improved with more conflict, less on-the-nose dialogue, and a more compelling second act. It contains great moral values and some very captivating surfing shots. The theme explores Ian discovering that God has a journey planned out and that He will always be there and will always forgive if you call out to Him from your heart. THE PERFECT WAVE has minor violence, drinking and implied sex before the protagonist turns to Jesus, so caution is advised for older children.


(CCC, BBB, H, Pa, L, V, S, N, A, DD) Very strong Christian, moral worldview extolling prayer, forgiveness, repentance, family, and love, with light illusions to atheism and eastern religions, but they offer no hope or redemption; two light obscenities; man punches another man, man is stung by a jellyfish and dies; implied sexual immorality, but nothing shown; lots of girls and guys in swimsuits, but no sexual nudity; drinking in party environment; smoking and references to drugs; and, nothing else objectionable.

More Detail:

The movie THE PERFECT WAVE starring Scott Eastwood is inspired by true events. A surfer follows his dream by going on a surf trip and discovers there’s more to life than a good wave.

In New Zealand, Ian, a 24-four-year old surfer, is at a party when the idea occurs to him to go on a surfing trip with his buddy, Greg. Since he still lives at home and doesn’t have a job, he takes action quickly and sells his car. After saying goodbye to his family, he’s off on his trip the next day.

Ian and Greg travel all over discovering “their freedom.” They spend their days surfing, drinking and partying. When a romance strikes up between Ian and a pretty girl he meets named Annabel, the trip’s plans change. After a few weeks apart, the two guys meet up once again.

Ian is constantly looking for the perfect wave. He tells himself if he can just ride the perfect wave he will then, and only then, be happy. In comparison, his short-lived relationship with Annabel, as amazing as it was, seems like a distraction.

Finally, one night Ian goes out in the water with some newly formed friends and discovers the true meaning of his life. It’s an event that is life changing, where he finds God and discovers his calling in life.

THE PERFECT WAVE is a gripping movie that really pulls the viewer into a heart wrenching state. The compelling story makes the surfer become more and more lovable as a lost soul that the viewer empathizes with and just wants to help.

This movie has mainly a Christian worldview. There are allusions to atheism and some eastern religion, but neither of these offer hope or redemption. The story explores a young man going on a surfing trip for pleasure, then discovering God destined his journey to be a path guiding him back to God and the full life God wants him to have.

The movie shows a flashback of Ian getting baptized when he was younger. Afterwards, he tells his mom it didn’t work, that he still can’t hear God talking to him. He told her he didn’t believe in God and didn’t want to go back to church again. Truying to digest this sudden information from her son, the mom then says, “No matter how far you might be from God, no matter what you’ve done wrong, if you call out to Him from your heart, He will hear you and He will forgive you.” Her wise, touching words stayed with Ian all those years until he realized that she was right.

This soul-stirring, Christian movie has some impressive moments. It includes several amazing surfing shots as well as some captivating underwater shots. Some of the characters could have been a bit more believable in their performances, but there was spine-tingling, powerful acting, including performances from the main star, Scott Eastwood, and Cheryl Ladd playing the mother. Sadly, the script could have been improved with more conflict, less on-the-nose dialogue and a more compelling second act. Additionally, some of the audio was distracting.

All in all, THE PERFECT WAVE has a lot to like. It should leave viewers with hope and love in their heart. There is minor violence, drinking and implied sex. So, caution is advised for older children. THE PERFECT WAVE isn’t a movie for younger children.