Content: -4 Gross immorality, and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

THE RUNESTONE is an ancient artifact that promises a man his lost love in exchange for his body and soul, and the annihilation of New York City. This is another example of Hollywood filmmakers striving to give legitimacy to obscure myths while profaning the sovereign God of the universe.


(LL, VVV, N, O, NA) 19 obscenities & 6 profanities; killing rampage, slashing policemen and innocent bystanders, bodily dismemberment, & threatened rape by otherworldly creature; implied sex between married couple; Norse mythic religion; and, demon possession.

More Detail:

THE RUNESTONE once displayed in New York City at a foundation, now exerts its power over researcher, Martin Almquist. Lars Hagstrom, an elderly man belonging to “The Watchmen,” an ancient order of occultists, tells Martin to avoid the runestone. Martin enlists the aid his former girlfriend Marla Stewart and her husband, Sam, an authority on ancient Norse writings. When Martin begins to lust after Marla, the runestone senses his weakness and takes over his soul, promising Martin that he will have her again by cooperating. Suddenly, Martin turns into a eight-foot monster from Norse mythology called Fenrer. For the rest of the movie, Martin sets out on a killing rampage. In the nick of time, the mystical Clockmaker, a god from Ancient Norse legend, begins fighting Fenrer, stepping in and out of time dimensions.

How often filmmakers strive to give legitimacy to obscure myths while profaning the God of the universe. In this film, the result is a cowboys and Indians showdown from Norse mythology set in modern day New York. Of course, the distortion of the Truth for Norse legend leaves the souls of viewers hanging in the balance, and all that matters to the producer is gross profits.

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