"Overly Vulgar Comedy Promoting Drunkenness"

Content: -4 Gross immorality, and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

THE WORLD’S END is a British apocalyptic comedy. In 1990, five friends from a small U.K. town decide to attempt a pub crawl known as the Golden Mile. They must drink twelve pints of beer at twelve different pubs, all in one night. Their quest fell short, and they failed to make it to the final pub on their list, The World’s End. Twenty-some years later, they decide to attempt the pub crawl once more for old time’s sake. Half way through the beer crawl, they find out that their hometown was taken over by humanlike robots. Will they run for their lives, or finish the beer crawl?

THE WORLD’S END has a few funny moments. The wild story, with its self-aware ridiculousness tries really hard to give the movie a dose of emotion, but the charmless characters fail at giving it any depth. The protagonists portray a pagan worldview that promotes their selfish, drunken and debauched habits, with no signs of redemption. Lacking all seriousness, this vulgar movie has no redeeming value and is all too offensive for media wise viewers.


(PaPa, AbAb, LLL, VV, S, N, LLL, AAA, DD, MMM) Strong Pagan worldview that states that humans have the right to do whatever they want, including selfish, vulgar debauchery, a man makes one sacrificial decision but it’s ultimately for wrong motives, brotherhood and friendship is a theme that the filmmakers attempted to show, but it lacks any seriousness or heart; one light joke regarding Jesus and the Bible, 90 obscenities (including over 80 “f” words), 8 profanities (including more than a few JC’s), the middle finger is used offensively in a few instances; a man urinates and slips in urine, action violence includes fighting off the human like robots, main characters destroy these robots by ripping off the heads, breaking off arms, smashing skulls; many sexual references, three men get seduced by three provocative looking humanlike robots who caress, dance and make out with them, implied sex when man and woman walk into bathroom; brief upper male nudity, male rear nudity; heavy alcohol use includes drinking and drunken behavior throughout the entire movie; drug use is discussed several times; and, lying, deceit, selfishness, utter contempt for moral behavior.

More Detail:

THE WORLDS END is a British apocalyptic comedy from the director that made SHAUN OF THE DEAD and HOT FUZZ.

In 1990, five recent graduates from a small suburban UK town decided to attempt a “pub crawl” known as the Golden Mile. The characters must consume twelve pints of beer at twelve different pubs within a few miles of each other, all in one night. Their quest fell short, and they failed to make it to the final pub on their list which is named, The World’s End.

Now, 20 years later, the stuck in the past, irresponsible and immature Gary King (Simon Pegg) decides to round the five men up and attempt the pub crawl once more for old time’s sake. All the other men have moved on with their lives, have successful careers and started families, but not Gary. Gary, still living the life of a teenager who never grew up and feels that completing The Golden Mile will finally give him closure. The others reluctantly come, including his estranged one-time best friend Andy (Nick Frost), Oliver (Martin Freeman), Patty, and Steven.

Upon arriving at their hometown, something feels a bit off about the townspeople. Nonetheless, they begin at the first pub. However, to Gary’s horror, Andy has become a teetotaler. Past wounds between Gary and the friends are rehashed, and it looks as if the beer crawl will end short once again. Right before the others are about to give up on Gary’s quest, Gary retreats to the restroom and gets in a fight with a teenager, who actually ends up being a robot!

The five men discover that their hometown has been taken over by human-like robotic beings. The only question is, how do they safely get out of town without raising suspicion? Gary suggests that finishing The Golden Mile is the only way.

THE WORLDS END has some very funny moments and the interaction between the comrades is very well written. The wild story, with its self-aware ridiculousness tries hard to give the movie a dose of emotion, but Gary’s charmless attitude always defeats any deeper themes. The tone of the movie is lighthearted, and the climax successfully amps up suspense, but not enough for the audience to truly care about the characters.

The movie has mixed pagan worldviews, essentially stating that the human race has the innate right to ruin their lives in whatever ways they please. The five men do care about each other, although most of them act selfishly. Gary makes one sacrificial decision, but his motives are still related to finishing the Golden Mile beer crawl. Ultimately, the uninspiring, heartless, pagan themes with drunkenness and excessive foul language make this movie unacceptable for media-wise viewers.

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