"The Dangers of Trafficking"

Content: -2 Discretion advised for adults.

What You Need To Know:

TRAFFICKED: A PARENT’S WORST NIGHTMARE is a drama about human trafficking. It follows Allison, a teenage girl with a bright future who dreams of becoming a veterinarian. On the eve of her 16th birthday, Allison sneaks out to see a boy she’s met online. Her parents wake up only to find that their daughter is missing. They call the police, but they seem passive, encouraging Allison’s father to hire a private investigator, John Belton. Belton’s prices are steep, but they are desperate to find their daughter. After months of searching, praying and losing hope, Belton finds a lead that might result in Allison seeing her family again.

Available on Apple TV, Amazon, TRAFFICKED is an intense, sobering look at human trafficking. The movie does an excellent job addressing a graphic subject matter without explicit content. That said, it’s still a weighty subject. TRAFFICKED has a strong Christian, moral worldview stressing prayer, trusting God, justice, and integrity. However, by the end of TRAFFICKED, a sense of hopelessness remains, but this may be the movie’s intention. MOVIEGUIDE® advises extreme caution for mature audiences.


CC, BB, LL, VV, SS, AA, DD, M):

Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements:
String Christian, moral worldview where characters seek justice, brief Christian elements such as prayer and mention of church, but this is not a hope-filled movie and instead focusses on the harsh reality of human trafficking

Foul Language:
Ten obscenities, including several uses of the “b” word in relation to trafficked girls

Strong violence includes man is shot in the arm, blood is shown, another man is shot several times in the chest, blood on the wall is shown, another man is shot off-screen, a depressed and drunken man considers suicide, and the nature of the movie means every sexual encounter has a violent connotation to it, which can be intense but is never graphic

Sex only ever happens in a violent context, while never shown, there are many instances of implied rape including implied rape of a minor

No explicit nudity, but trafficked girls are often seen in their underwear or are being told to undress Alcohol Use/Abuse: Wine is poured for a minor but isn’t drunk, and a depressed man gets drunk and contemplates suicide

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:
No smoking but the girls and women being trafficked are always drugged before being forced to “work”; and,

Miscellaneous Immorality:
Teenage girl is kidnapped and held hostage with other young women, and movie is intense, heavy and addresses a graphic subject.

More Detail:

TRAFFICKED: A PARENT’S WORST NIGHTMARE is a sobering drama about the real-life issue of human trafficking, told through the story of one family’s search for their kidnapped teenage daughter. Available on Apple TV, Amazon and other outlets, TRAFFICKED is an intense, well-acted movie stressing prayer, trusting God, justice, and integrity, but there is some brief foul language, and the subject matter warrants extreme caution for mature viewers.

The movie opens on the eve of Allison’s 16th birthday. Allison loves horses and is horseback riding with three of her best friends. At the same time, her parents prepare a surprise birthday party for her. Allison mentions to her friends she’s talking to a guy online she has yet to meet. Late at night, Allison agrees to sneak out of her house and meet with the boy, who she thinks is named Tyler.

When the boy pulls up in his car, things seem normal, but he doesn’t tell Allison where they’re going. Allison realizes the real danger she is in when the boy gets out and shakes a man’s hand. Allison is promptly kidnapped and wakes up on the floor with several other girls who are being trafficked.

Allison’s parents, sister and grandma are shocked she would leave the house on her birthday but assume she’s that she is just with her boyfriend, Tyler. However, after guests have arrived and nighttime descends, Allison’s mother, Joanna, starts to fear her daughter is indeed missing.

Allison’s father, Case, looks for her all the next day but to no avail. After calling the cops leads nowhere, Case says he has a private investigator he can call named John Belton. Joanna is beginning to get desperate, so they hire Belton and his crew. Their price is high, but Allison’s grandma agrees to pay the fee to find her granddaughter.

After months of searching, however, Belton and his crew have come up empty. Joanna has reached the end of her rope. She decides that Belton is a crook who just wanted their money. Case grows depressed and leaves the house to drink. While at the hotel, Case gets drunk and drunk and contemplates suicide, Belton shows up and encourages Case not to give up hope. Despite agreeing as a family to stop paying Belton, Case goes behind their back and rehires him.

As it turns out, Case’s decision is a good one after Belton and his team find their first real lead in a month. There’s a risk the traffickers will move Allison if Belton’s team chooses the wrong house, but Belton leaves it up to Case to make the final decision.

Will Allison ever see her family again?

TRAFFICKED is an intense, sobering, well-acted look at human trafficking. Based on real-life stories, the movie tries to show the horrifying truth that sex trafficking is still a real part of America’s economy. The movie does an excellent job of addressing a graphic subject matter without explicit content. That being said, it is still a weighty and serious attempt to discuss the reality of trafficking properly. The movie contains brief Christian elements and themes like prayer, trusting God, and doing what it takes to protect family. However, by the end of the movie, a sense of hopelessness remains, but this seems to be the movie’s intention. TRAFFICKED also has some strong moral elements like integrity and justice on display, but MOVIEGUIDE® advises extreme caution for mature audiences.