"Ultraviolent Humanist Computer Chaos"

Content: -4 Gross immorality, and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

UNFRIENDED: DARK WEB takes place solely on the computer screen of a teenager named Matias, where the moviegoer sees everything Matias sees. Matias has just gotten a new computer from a coffee shop after noticing it was left in the lost and found for weeks. During his weekly game night with his friends over video chat, he uncovers strange files in the computer’s hard drive. The laptop’s previous owner mysteriously contacts Matias, demanding the laptop’s return, or else. The game night turns into a desperate fight for life.

Although starting a bit slow, UNFRIENDED: DARK WEB escalates quickly into a ring of complete chaos. Because viewers only see what Matias sees on his computer screen, the audience’s view is limited. This makes the movie feel even more out of control. Despite some unrealistic moments, the story is intricately written, with unpredictable twists. However, UNFRIENDED: DARK WEB has a strong godless humanist worldview with lots of foul language, extreme violence, an unsatisfying ending, and other objectionable content, including some drug references. So, media-wise viewers will reject this unfriendly, disturbing visit to the Dark Web.


(HHH, Ho, LLL, VVV, SS, N, DD, MM):

Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements:
Very strong humanist worldview, with no mention of God nor any type of moral compass, there is no guide for the characters as they do what they believe will benefit themselves regardless of what is right, and good doesn’t prevail over evil, plus minor elements of homosexuality as two main characters are in a lesbian relationship and announce their engagement during the movie;

Foul Language:
At least 35 obscenities (10 or so “f” words), seven strong profanities, 12 light profanities;

Very strong and strong violence throughout movie, such as girls are shown being kidnapped and shown in barrels during their capture, videos are shown of girls being tortured and murdered in very graphic ways, girl is pushed in front of a subway train, girl is shown with a bloody scar on her forehead and then is shown that it’s a hole that was drilled, man is hit and killed by a van, many examples of people being attacked, man is hung by a rope on his door;

No depicted explicit sex but unmarried couple “makes out” on a bed and lewd sex jokes are made throughout movie;

No explicit sexual nudity but upper male nudity as a man dances in front of a camera without a shirt, the back of a woman in a bra is shown, and a woman’s mid-section is shown;

Alcohol Use:
No alcohol use;

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:
No tobacco smoking but there are mentions of cocaine and marijuana “buds” and jokes about drugs; and,

Miscellaneous Immorality:
Strong miscellaneous immorality includes kidnapping, blackmailing, stealing, and revenge.

More Detail:

UNFRIENDED:  DARK WEB is set completely on the computer screen of Matias, a teenager who video chats with his friends, texts them and begins to uncover some strange files on his new computer. Matias noticed the computer had been left in the Lost and Found bin at a coffee shop.

Before his weekly Game Night with his friends starts, Matias is video chatting with his deaf girlfriend, as he tries to use a program he’s creating in order to help communicate with her using sign language. After becoming frustrated with the communication barrier between them, she leaves the video chat, and Matias begins Game Night with his friends. They tell each other what’s happening in their lives and make a bit of small talk.

While this is happening, Matias notices he’s receiving messages on Facebook for an account that doesn’t belong to him. The owner is still logged onto the site, and Matias begins to receive relentless messages from many different girls with strange content. He asks one of his friends for help in wiping the drive. In doing so, he finds a mysterious folder with hundreds of video clips showing the insides of people’s houses, like security cameras would do.

Suddenly, Matias receives a message from someone claiming to be the previous owner of laptop and accusing Matias of stealing it. The owner wants it back and tells Matias to leave it where he found it in the coffee shop. When Matias doesn’t make it there on time, the mysterious owner hacks into everything he has and threatens his girlfriend’s life if Matias doesn’t return the laptop. Matias receives a video call from his girlfriend, but when he answers, she isn’t there. The man makes it very clear he has the power to do whatever he wants to Matias’s girlfriend or any of his friends.

Mattias soon finds out that the laptop’s former owner is wrapped up in some very dark dealings on the “Dark Web,” nefarious section of the Internet known for criminal, aberrant behavior. While his friends are continuing to chat over the group video and play Cards Against Humanity, Matias desperately tries to return the laptop to the previous owner and get his girlfriend back safely.

Making matters worse, the laptop is hacked by people on the Dark Web, who now can also see everything Matias is doing on the computer. The hackers threaten every single one of his friends playing Game Night, as well as Matias and his girlfriend. Because they can easily access almost anything with a camera or electronic file, very few secrets can be kept from these hackers. Matias and his friends must figure out a way to outsmart the hackers, or be ready to lose their lives.

UNFRIENDED:  DARK WEB is a dark horror movie that can make the audience feel very much out of control, especially when seeing the amount of power that computer hackers can have over people’s lives. Although a few elements are unrealistic, as in most horror movies, the story is very intricately written, with a few unpredictable twists. It is also very unique in the method in which it’s told, with the entire perspective being from the computer screen of the main character, Matias. The movie forces characters into extremely difficult situations where nearly impossible decisions have to be made.

This movie contains a high amount of questionable content, including showing very graphic, nearly cringe-worthy scenes on many different occasions. The people on the Dark Web tend to thrive on very twisted things, and nothing is spared when it comes to exhibiting it. There is no mention of God in UNFRIENDED:  DARK WEB, nor even a sign of a moral compass to guide any of the characters. The movie also contains some mention of drugs, a high amount of obscenities, and other immoral content. So, media-wise viewers will reject this unfriendly, disturbing visit to the Dark Web.

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