Content: -4 Gross immorality, and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

UROTSUKIDOJI: LEGEND OF THE OVERFIEND, dubbed by it's creators as "Animation Beyond Imagination," is an evil animated porno-fantasy-horror flick which would be more accurately described as "Animation Beyond Degradation."


(LLL, VVV, SSS, NNN, HO, O) Over 25 obscenities & profanities; gruesome violence interjected into every imaginable sexual perversion, disturbing rape scene of young girl by her trusted female school counselor, graphic bestiality, & cultic satanic rituals; and, endless scenes of human sacrifice, torture and mutilation of young students.

More Detail:

UROTSUKIDOJI: LEGEND OF THE OVERFIEND, dubbed by it’s creators as “Animation Beyond Imagination,” is an animated porno-fantasy-horror flick which would be more accurately described as “Animation Beyond Degradation.” The return of the Chojin, a prophesied savior-hero coming to peacefully unite the human world with the worlds of the Man-Beasts and the Monster Demons, is the central point to this nightmare. Then again, the Chojin could turn the prophesy around and destroy everything as the Overfiend.

The total degradation of humanity is what this film is really all about, with women receiving the worst treatment. Filled with religious rhetoric and alternate-world fantasy elements, this film uses perverse sexual violence as its main visual vehicle. One should rightfully take warning when OVERFIEND’s own press kit describes the opening demon-rape scene as “among the most astonishingly revolting filmic moments.” There are no heroes in OVERFIEND, no winners and certainly no morals. The characters in this film exist solely to play out their creator’s warped fantasies. With evil against evil, confusion is the only consistency. The target audience here is teenagers, who are legally too young to see the film. Production quality is extremely poor, with animation inferior to other Japanese works and appearing stiff and mechanical.

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