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A carved wooden dog with teeth like a shark is just what Augusta thinks she needs, but ex-boyfriend Billy doesn’t want to know. What’s more, Augusta has failed to mention the matter to other people who desperately want to get their hands on the statue. A manic cosmetics tycoon thinks it’s worth millions. A mob of old folk led by a pair of deranged doctors is convinced it contains the secret to eternal youth and sexual potency.

With all of them in hot pursuit, Augusta and her bull terrier, Cyclops, take Billy on an outrageous caper through the suburbs. Outrageous — as in grossly violating community standards of decency. The movie is filled with obscenities, nudity, promiscuity, and sexual immorality. One also wonders if any attention was given at all to plot. USER FRIENDLY is not! Thinking movie goers will want to avoid this inferior film.

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