Content: -2 Discretion advised for adults.

What You Need To Know:

The movie VOYAGER focuses on Mr. Faber, a man who believes in the ironies of fate and coincidence as opposed to the sovereign God Who rules in the affairs of men. The movie is well crafted and contains a minimum amount of objectionable material (For instance, we see above shoulders of couple in bed, and a man pulls woman into a shower, fully clothed).


(H, L, SS) a humanistic story with several "Adult" situations (i.e. sex implied but no nudity. We see above shoulders of couple in bed and man pulling woman into shower, fully clothed).

More Detail:

In VOYAGER, Walter Faber is a bachelor whose job as an engineer allows him to travel and avoid what he fears most, emotional entanglements. Faber is so detached he displays not the slightest fear when the pilot of his Mexico-bound plane announces that two engines have failed. The plane lands safely, and they are rescued. However, the emergency landing marks the beginning of a chain of coincidences that shatter his emotional defenses. Faber’s seatmate turns out to be the brother of Joachim, a friend from Faber’s student days in Zurich. Thinking of Joachim reminds Faber of Hannah, the Jewish woman they both loved before the outbreak of WWII. Back in New York, Faber impulsively decides to take a boat to Paris. On board, he meets an enchanting young woman and is so captivated that he agrees to take her on a driving tour of Europe. Faber falls in love with her, leaving himself vulnerable to the inner torment of a love affair that is doomed from the start.

Although Faber never discovers the Truth which will set him free, VOYAGER is riveting and well crafted and contains a minimum amount of objectionable material.

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