"Lewd Modern Angst"

Content: -3 Excessive content and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

In WHAT’S YOUR NUMBER?, Ally Darling breaks up with her boyfriend and loses her job. As if things couldn’t get worse, she discovers that women who sleep with more than 20 guys don’t get married. Counting the number of men she’s bedded, Ally realizes she’s at 20. So, with help from her neighbor, Colin, she searches for her ex boyfriends to find the love of her life. All the while, Colin and Ally build a strong platonic relationship without even knowing it. Just as the relationship with Colin reaches its high point, Ally’s golden ex comes along – Jake, a rich, cultured, handsome man. What’s a modern girl to do?

WHAT’S YOUR NUMBER? is a crude romantic comedy with a Romantic, Non-Christian worldview, excessive nudity and lots of foul language. A very stereotypical movie of its type, WHAT’S YOUR NUMBER? is not a memorable movie, though it does entertain. It consists mostly of crude jokes to elicit laughs from viewers. Instead of filling your head with crude content, try romantic comedies that extol women, such as WIN A DATE WITH TAD HAMILTON and, of course, PRIDE AND PREJUDICE with Keira Knightly.


(RoRo, PaPaPa, HoHo, LLL, SS, NNN, AA, MM) Strong Romantic worldview with very strong crude pagan content, with a female justice of the peace marrying a couple and overt homosexual references; 36 obscenities (including many “f” words spoken even by children) and 13 profanities, plus multiple crude comments include mentions of female and male private parts; no violence; strong sexual content includes fornication, sexual comments made throughout film including mentions of male and female private parts and different sex positions, cartoon of male private parts, woman accidently goes to pornography site, sex mentions of woman sleeping with step cousin, mentions of man sleeping with his dog, women shown getting pap smear: full male and female nudity when skinny dipping, woman walks out of shower naked, male walks around naked but with small towel over privates, woman and man play a strip game and end in their see-through underwear; drinking and drunkenness; no smoking or drugs; and dysfunctional family, lying.

More Detail:

WHAT’S YOUR NUMBER? is a crude romance comedy with a romantic worldview. Ally Darling has just found out that, for women, sleeping with more then twenty men means you will never get married, and Ally is already at 19! So, Ally attempts to relocate all her ex’s in a hunt to never go past the number 20.

Ally has just broken up with her boyfriend and lost her job in marketing. As if things couldn’t get much worse, Ally picks up an article saying that women who sleep with more then 20 men will never get married. Decidedly finding her number, Ally writes down all her exes, only to come to the conclusion she’s slept with 19 men. It doesn’t take Ally a long time to realize that the number is quite high and all her friends have a much lower number, so Ally drinks to the prospect of not sleeping with anyone else but the final one, her future husband.

Well, Ally drinks too much and ends up sleeping with her old boss, reaching the number 20. From this point, Ally decides to go back through all of her ex’s to find love, so that she doesn’t end up sleeping with more then 20 men.

Helping out Ally is her neighbor, Colin, who, in exchange, gets a hiding spot the morning after he sleeps with women. Colin helps Ally locate and hunt down her former exes in order to reconnect. All the while, Colin and Ally build a relationship without even knowing it, spending time with each other without sexual interactions. Just as the excitement with Colin reaches its high point, Ally’s golden ex comes along, Jake, a rich, cultured, handsome man.

WHAT’S YOUR NUMBER? is a very crude romantic comedy with the major theme of sex. Though Ally does abstain from sex and, in doing so, finds the love of her life, she has already chosen to sleep with multiple men, and in the end this is not condemned but seen as part of her accepted history.

Consisting mostly of crude jokes to elicit laughs from viewers, WHAT’S YOUR NUMBER? is a very stereotypical film people probably will forget immediately after leaving the theater. Though the movie keeps the viewer entertained, it doesn’t go beyond that. Much caution is advised do to the excessive crude content, nudity, and foul language.