Content: -4 Gross immorality, and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

WHERE TRUTH LIES is a poor medical thriller with Malcolm McDowell playing a psychiatrist who is committed to a mental institution. Having flashbacks of the murder of his first wife, he believes his second wife is in danger and escapes from the institution to save her. Without direction, point or accumulation of ideas, this movie is ultra-violent.


(Pa, LLL, VVV, SS, NN, A) Pagan worldview; 27 obscenities and profanities; extreme physical violence including beating, torture, & rape; brief upper female nudity; rape; alcohol use & abuse; and, false portrait of authority & medical figures

More Detail:

WHERE TRUTH LIES is a poor addition to the genre thrillers set in the medical world. Here, a psychiatrist played by Malcolm McDowell suffers from severe depression after his first wife is killed. After attempting to commit suicide, he is committed to a mental institution by his second wife and his best friend. While in the institution, McDowell is subjected to torture. Through a series of flashbacks, he determines that his best friend actually murdered his first wife and that his current wife is in grave danger. McDowell manages to escape from the asylum, rushes home to see his wife has been killed by his best friend and attacks the murderer in a rage. McDowell is caught by the police, brought before trial and faces an ironic and unusual sentence.

WHERE THE TRUTH LIES is a senseless and poor attempt at a suspense thriller. The violence is extreme and the extensive use of flashbacks and hallucinations make the story very difficult to follow. We never know if the images are real or merely imagined. The story also lacks believability with many thematic holes. All of this madness is worsened by gross violence. Without direction, point or ideas, the “truth” definitely doesn’t lie in this movie.