"Heartwarming Values and Lessons"

Content: +4 Biblical worldview, with no questionable elements whatsoever.

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What You Need To Know:

WINGS OF THE WIND is the story of Rose and her family after Rose’s brother, Seth, unexpectedly leaves. Having been abandoned by both her brother and her mother, Rose turns from God and is left to figure out life without Him. Meanwhile, Seth’s cousin, Jesse, is left to pay Seth’s gambling debts of $7,000. The whole family is left to deal with the loss of a family mem-ber and the consequences of his actions.

WINGS OF THE WIND is a lovely Christian movie that supports a very biblical worldview, with Bible verses and discussions of God throughout. It has a great message of turning to God in our hard times and trusting Him to work things for good. The acting of the supporting characters and the awkward dialogue are the only things that detract from the movie’s positive, heartwarming message about coming to God and standing as a family. This movie did a good job of creating the world of a small town in the 1940s. All together, WINGS OF THE WIND is a nice movie to watch with the whole family.


(CCC, BBB, V, MM) Very strong Christian, biblical worldview where scriptures are often quoted and God is talked about by almost every character; no foul language; mild violence, one character punches another, a character gets beat up, two guys held at gunpoint; no sexual content; no nudity; no alcohol use; no smoking or drug use; and, man has gambling addiction, man steals sister’s painting, man steals someone’s plane, man steals money from friends, boy takes money from mom, girl lies about listening to the radio.

More Detail:

WINGS OF THE WIND is the story of a girl in the 1940s trying to overcome her anger with God after her brother and mother leave unexpectedly. This heartwarming drama deals with a family that’s left in the wake of one man’s poor decisions.

The movie opens by following Rose on a hike through the woods, an activity that she does frequently. During her hike, Rose begins to pray to God. She begins to ask God why He lets bad things happen, before getting cut off by her cousin calling for her. It’s soon clear that Rose is feeling very abandoned after her mother and older brother left her family without good explanations. Rose takes her feelings out on the rest of her family as well as God.

Throughout the movie, viewers see flashbacks of the events leading up to Rose’s brother Seth leaving home. Seth gets tangled up in a severe gambling addiction. He borrowed and stole money from everyone in the family without thought of the consequences his actions might have. In the present day after Seth left, his cousin Jesse is left to pay off Seth’s $7,000 debt.

In the movie, the family has to deal with their hurt and pain caused by Seth in different ways. Most turn to God, but Rose turns away from Him, until she hears a pastor on the radio. Rose’s love for birds draws her to this pastor speaking on the radio about his love for birds and for God. Throughout the movie, Rose listens to the program several times.

Can this radio program turn her back to God and help her overcome the sadness her brother has caused her? Can Jesse find a way to pay back the debt Seth left him?

WINGS OF THE WIND is a heartwarming drama about families coming together and overcoming adversity. The whole family will learn about God’s love for His children and how He brings everything together for our good.

This movie did a good job of creating the world of a small town in the 1940s. The costumes and props were beautifully done. The acting of the movie is the only thing that takes away from this impacting story. The two main characters, Rose and Jesse, carry the cast with their acting abilities, but the supporting characters are less believable. The dialogue sounds awkward when they are speaking the time specific colloquialisms. Finally, the storyline can be somewhat confusing at times, but at the end everything comes to a beautiful conclusion for the entire family.

Overall, WINGS OF THE WIND is an inspiring story that will teach the whole family more about God.