Actor Kellan Lutz Trusting in God’s Timing For a Child


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Happy Mother’s Day my Love ♥️Recipe♥️ Recipe for a SPECIAL mom. Take two heaping cups of PATIENCE. A large pinch of COURAGE. One heartful of LOVE. Two handfuls of GENEROSITY. A dash of LAUGHTER. One headful of UNDERSTANDING. Sprinkle generously with KINDNESS and plenty of FAITH. Mix well. And spread this over a period of a LIFETIME. Happy Mother’s Day my love! I know this isn’t the complete Mother’s Day we were expecting but you are still an incredible mother through and through, who I am forever grateful for, for all the attributes you have from above, and sooooo many more! I can’t wait to have a family of our own and I know we will in God’s time! Praying for this for next Mother’s Day! I love you with all of my heart! Our road hasn’t been easy but I know it will be worth it! So proud of you! Happy Mother’s Day 2020! With love! Hubs

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