Content: -1 Discretion advised for older children.
Air Date:11/02/2015

What You Need To Know:

In the second SUPERGIRL episode, “Better Together,” Supergirl seeks to live up to the city’s expectations. In the beginning scene, she tries to move an oil tanker from a quickly spreading fire. The tanker splits, leaking oil into the water. This results in people labeling Supergirl as incompetent and calling her an eco-terrorist.

Winn Schott and Jimmy Olson help her by giving her smaller threats to conquer so she can use her powers more effectively and gain the city’s trust. Kara’s boss Cat Grant pressures Jimmy Olson to snag the first sit down interview with Supergirl or risk losing his job. Supergirl meets her Aunt Astra and discovers she’s the leader of the Fort Rozz convicts. This leads to a fight between Supergirl and her Aunt Astra.

SUPERGIRL wows again with stunning special effects and a dramatic, engaging plotline. Although the episode “Better Together” is relatively free of foul language and alcohol use, and has no sexual content or nudity, intense action violence pervades. “Better Together” has a strong moral worldview with light biblical, redemptive elements stressing family bonds and good conquering evil. That said, “Better Together” is not recommended for young children. It warrants caution for older children.


(BB, Fe, C, VV, L, M) Dominant moral worldview of good triumphant over evil and Supergirl says she “needs” her sister’s “faith in me,” which stresses a positive family bond and relationship, with light feminist elements, including character says, “We as women have to work twice as hard to be half as good,” and light Christian, redemptive elements as Kara tells Jimmy Krypton’s family motto: “El Mayarah,” which means “Better Together” (demonstrating slight parallel to Ecclesiastes 4:9, “Two are better than one, because they have a better return for their labor,”); one “h” obscenity and three light profanities and one reference to male genitalia as character says “You know what else our species has? These” and then kicks another character in the crotch; moderate and light violence with hand to hand combat, punching, kicking, some blood, disturbing images of alien when he transforms into insect, dead bodies seen on ground, and villain alien kills two workers; no sexual content; no nudity; two references to alcohol use when Cat Grant claims she is “drunk at 9 a.m. and Supergirl says she “sees the bar where she gets carded all the time”; one reference to smoking when character tells Jimmy Olsen he comes out into the alley to smoke in private; and, overarching theme of revenge from villain, lying, stealing from villain.


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