Content: -1 Discretion advised for older children.
Air Date:01/04/2016

What You Need To Know:

In the “Blood Bonds” episode of SUPERGIRL, Kara’s battle between Non, Astra and the Fort Rozz crew continues. During a skirmish, Non kidnaps Director Henshaw, leaving Alex as acting director to figure out how to save him. General Lane arrives to take over the DEO. Over Alex and Kara’s objections, he injects Kara’s Aunt Astra with Kryptonite to get her to tell him where the Fort Rozz criminal base is located. While trying to deal with her boss, Cat’s, contention she’s Supergirl, Kara decides to set up a prisoner exchange with Non, Astra for Henshaw. Can Non be trusted, however?

Another exciting, engaging episode, “Blood Bonds” touches on issues of having faith in oneself and faith in others. It also promotes the ideas of giving people a second chance and doing the right thing in all circumstances, especially difficult ones. However, this strong moral, redemptive worldview is mitigated by General Lane’s bad attitude and a light Romantic, antinomian message that people are inherently good. This, along with some intense violence, warrants a caution for older children for this episode of SUPERGIRL.


(BB, C, AP, Ro, FR, VV, M) Strong moral worldview with some redemptive elements of giving people a second chance, but mitigated by some light anti-military elements and light Romantic, antinomian content implying everyone is inherently good; no foul language; intense violence includes SUPERGIRL being punched, thrown and kicked, alien snaps the neck of another villain, Alex and SUPERGIRL survive bomb, another character is punched several times; no sexual immorality; no nudity; no alcohol; no smoking or drugs; and, character lies to press to cover up an attack, villain kidnaps one hero, and trespassing when characters break into technology company.


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