Content: -1 Discretion advised for older children.
Air Date:11/09/2015

What You Need To Know:

In the third episode titled “Fight or Flight,” Supergirl grants Cat an exclusive interview with her and accidentally reveals she and Superman are cousins. This motivates Cat to write a scathing expose on her.


A new enemy, Ben Krull, whom the Daily Planet renames Reactron, emerges. He wants to kill Supergirl as payback to Superman, who stopped a nuclear power plant explosion that exposed several scientists to a high level of radiation, including Ben and his wife. Ben survived the radiation exposure and creates a suit, which stops the radiation from killing him. The suit becomes damaged, and Krull kidnaps Maxwell Lord, CEO of Lord Technologies, to fix it so he can continue his quest to kill Supergirl. A love triangle subplot is introduced as Supergirl, in her Kara identity, pursues her feelings for Jimmy Olson, but realizes Jimmy’s involved with Lucy Lane, Lois Lane’s big sister.


SUPERGIRL continues to shine with intense, fast-paced action and thrilling special effects, as well as its positive role model for girls. Although it’s relatively free of foul language, alcohol use and free of sexual content and nudity, intense violence and disturbing images pervade. Caution is advised for older children and the show is not recommended for younger children.


(BB, C, Ro, Fe, L, VV, A, M) Dominant moral worldview of good triumphant over evil, slight Christian allegory as main character needs for friend to “believe in her” and villain’s chest plate is referenced as having a “demon core”, with a Romantic, feminist theme of main character trying to figure out who she is and being true to herself; three light profanities; strong violence as main character is punched, kicked, thrown, choked and set on fire, disturbing image of Reactron’s face scarred by radiation exposure; no sexual content with the exception of one scene involving light suggestive dancing; no nudity; one scene at a party where alcohol is being served; no smoking or drug use; and, villain kidnaps head of technology company to fix villain’s suit keeping him alive, villain lies and tells main character when she reveals his true identity “he is dead,” and theme of revenge as villain wants to retaliate against Superman for stopping a nuclear meltdown that killed villain’s wife.


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311/09/2015FIGHT OR FLIGHT-1
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