Content: -1 Discretion advised for older children.
Air Date:12/14/2015

What You Need To Know:

In Episode Eight of SUPERGIRL, “Hostile Takeover,” Astra, Supergirl’s aunt from Krypton, is back for round two to recruit SUPERGIRL to save earth with her. Meanwhile, Dirk Armstrong, chairman of the Catco board, hacks into Cat’s computer, exposing all her emails to the public. Supergirl overhears Dirk conspiring to get Cat fired. In an email, it’s revealed Cat has a son, Adam Foster, whom she hasn’t seen or talked to in years. This fuels her desire to quit the company, but Jimmy and Wynn find an email confirming Dirk’s bad intentions, which puts him in jail. Cat confronts Kara, who reveals her identity as SUPERGIRL. Non, Astra’s husband, and the Fort Rozz aliens attack Lord Technologies.

CBS keeps SUPERGIRL fans on the edge of their seats in “Hostile Takeover.” Harrowing scenes and interesting plot twists set it apart from its Superman legacy. SUPERGIRL continues to provide a positive role for young women. Also, positive themes about putting others before self pervade. Having said this, some intense action violence makes SUPERGIRL unsuitable for small children. Caution is advised for older children.


(BBB, L, VV, AA, M) Very strong moral worldview of good triumphant over evil, putting others before oneself is extolled and pro-family; one “d” obscenity; intense action violence including fighting, characters thrown, characters kicked; no sex; no nudity; alcohol use with brief reference to character holding drink; no smoking or drugs; and, dysfunctional family relationships as heroine’s aunt conspires to destroy her.


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