Season 1


Content: -2 Discretion advised for adults.
Air Date:11/04/2016

What You Need To Know:

THE CROWN is a historically faithful, superbly acted 10-part series from Netflix exploring the early years of the current Queen of England’s reign, starting in the 1950s.


(C, BB, FR, Ro, LL, V, S, N, AA, DD, M) Light Christian and moral but slightly Deist worldview where the blessings of the God of the Bible are invoked sometimes invoked (mostly for ceremonial occasions, however), and the Archbishop of Canterbury reminds Elizabeth of her oath to be the “Defender of the Faith,” but people aren’t expected to have a personal relationship with Jesus or seek guidance from God, the Church or the Bible on personal matters, and marital fidelity and loyalty to family are praised, and a selfless commitment to God-given duty is seen as most important, plus some light Romantic/relativist elements with a repeated line “morality is changing”, when adulterous lovers want the Queen to approve their marriage; many profanities and one “f” used in a sexual context, the King recites an obscene limerick which includes the an obscenity to help his stage-fright, and Prince Philip uses some crass language about horse-breeding; suspenseful scene as a wild elephant threatens to charge, dramatic hospital scenes as London is hit with a poisonous fog that’s fatal to some, bus hits woman in London, one graphic scene of lung surgery, daughter visits her father’s body during the embalming process, wife throws things at her husband during an argument; sexual content contains obscene limericks in Episode 1, a young woman mentions bringing young men to her apartment, one married couple shown talking in bed together, an unmarried couple kiss frequently and may be sleeping together while the man is still married to another woman, but it’s unclear, woman visits the man in his bedroom after his divorce and hugs him in bed fully clothed, a scene with horses mating, and a bystander makes crass jokes about it, eccentric old man handles his (clothed) private area as he leaves the room presumably to use the restroom, engaged couple are seen together in a hotel room before going to bed; rear male nudity (Episodes 1 and 2) on two occasions as man is seen sleeping in bed without clothes, slides of scantily clad foreign dancers at a gentleman’s club, Churchill is seen from the waist up in his bathtub; frequent alcohol consumption, Philip comes home drunk several times; constant smoking of cigarettes and cigars, and sick man injects what seems to be morphine for pain relief; and, Queen Elizabeth and Philip’s marriage suffers from the strain of her job, much deceitful intrigue as courtiers and politicians seek to manipulate Queen Elizabeth, and Churchill orders subordinates to lie about his health condition, but he’s strongly reproved, the Duke of Windsor is insulting and vengeful to both his family and the people who made him choose between his mistress and the crown, Princess Margaret is jealous of Queen Elizabeth and tells her she will never forgive her for standing in the way of her love affair, Prince Philip struggles with his passive role as Prince Consort and starts to party and drink too much, leading to conflict with Elizabeth, but he apologizes.


11/04/2016Season 1-2

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