Oral Roberts University and BMCFerrell Ask: ‘How Can the Church Glorify God in the Metaverse?’

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Oral Roberts University and BMCFerrell Ask: ‘How Can the Church Glorify God in the Metaverse?’

By Movieguide® Staff

BMCFerrell and Oral Roberts University recently teamed up to bring the Gospel to a seemingly untapped mission field, the Metaverse.

BMCFerrell, a Christian media agency, and Oral Roberts University hosted a webinar on July 12, to discuss how the Church can “glorify God in the metaverse?”

Ben Ferrell, founder of BMCFerrell, kicked off the first-ever Christian Metaverse Webinar with prayer, and expressed his desire to glorify God.

“This virtual universe is given to us to communicate the gospel, the Word of God, and glorify God,” Ferrell said. “The psalmist said, ‘Ask for the nations and I will give you them.’ When over 120 million are gathering in metaverse—that’s a nation.”

Mike Matthews, ORU’s Vice President of Technology and Innovation added: “Many people describe technology as being evil.”

“I can see where their concerns come from, but what I believe is that God is not offended by technology, nor would He be afraid of technology,” he continued. “However, He never wants us to give technology credit. He wants us to worship Him, not technology. When we can put that in balance and keep it balanced, then things can make more sense.”

Ferrell and Matthews believe Christians have a unique opportunity to spread God’s word.

Movieguide® previously reported:

Recently, a new craze hit the tech world with the Metaverse concept. In this digital, virtual reality world, users can interact with one another online.

Life.Church pastor Bobby Gruenewald is curious about the metaverse’s new possibility in terms of outreach.

“We found that the environment was a rich environment for ministry,” Gruenewald said of the livestream era of Life.Church. “When there’s new technologies and new platforms and all the new attention that the metaverse is getting today, we want to be present and we want to learn and understand how we can do ministry in it.”

“We always say if we’re going to reach people that no one else is reaching, we’re going to have to do some things that no one else is doing,” Gruenewald added.

Gruenewald added that the integration of the metaverse does not act as a replacement for in-person fellowship but offers a unique starting point for evangelism to everyone.

“We are for meeting in buildings,” Gruenewald said. “We also feel like we have these tools available today that have never been available before in human history that allow us and give us the opportunity to connect and reach people that we otherwise would not be able to reach through our physical environments.”

Soto added: “We’re connecting with people digitally, virtually, [and] over airwaves. And the relationships and the community and the connection [and] the salvation and the discipleship is just as powerful as anything that we’ve seen in the past.”


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