What You Need To Know:

JUST ANOTHER GIRL ON THE I.R.T., a vivid portrayal of ghetto life, revolves around teen-aged Chantel, who plans to become a doctor, but becomes pregnant instead, and her life is played out in the poverty-stricken ghetto she wanted to escape. A deeply distressing sociological document, the film is heavily laced with obscenities and is a constant reminder of the chaos that ensues when people live as slaves to carnal appetites.


(H, LLL, NN, SS, V) Humanism; over 150 obscenities & 20 profanities; upper male & female nudity; one explicit sex scene and another with implied fornication (girl is pregnant outside of marriage); and, woman goes into labor & has baby.

More Detail:

JUST ANOTHER GIRL ON THE I.R.T. tells about Chantel, a girl in her mid-teens whose ambition is to become a doctor and get out of the projects. She is one of the best students in the school. Regrettably, she becomes sexually involved with Girard. When Tyrone appears on the scene, she dumps Girard and takes up with Ty. When asked by her friend LaTete why she prefers Tyrone, she answers, “He has a jeep!” When Chantel discovers she is pregnant, Tyrone borrows five hundred dollars so that Chantel can have an abortion. She shows LaTete the money, and the girls go on a buying spree. When Chantel finally goes into labor and the baby makes her appearance, Chantel panics and tells Tyrone to put the baby in the garbage. As it happens, Tyrone is unable to go through with the plan to throw the infant in the garbage, and Chantel decides she wants the baby.

Chantel inspires a certain amount of compassion because her ambition is defeated by the culture in which she dwells as well as her own selfishness. In Chantel’s world, illegitimacy is the rule rather than the exception. At no point is any belief in God mentioned, and the lifestyle portrayed reflects the hopelessness of life lived in this nihilistic void. Furthermore, there is an explicit sex scene, the language used by the children is consistently filthy, and rap music blares on the soundtrack. The film is a painfully accurate reminder of the chaos that ensues when people live as slaves to carnal appetites.