Open Letter from Dr. Ted Baehr

My heart goes out to the victims and families of victims of the recent killings in a Colorado Theater. I’m sure yours does too.

This killing is referred to by many as senseless. It’s not senseless. I’ve taught for years about the stages of cognitive development and the impact of violence in the media.

This was predictable. More such horrors are predictable.

My heart is heavy because I know these kinds of tragedies CAN be reduced by redeeming the media.

I’m not doing enough.

With your help we’ve made tremendous strides in seeing more Christian content in movies and well as less sex and less foul language, but violence has not declined like you and I would like to see.

Now is the time to take a stand.

Studio heads are appalled that people in a movie theater have been murdered by a man professing to be a violent movie character, (the Joker, from the previous Batman movie). They’re on the defensive, yet, on their production schedules are movie after movie with gruesome violence.

It would be easy to blast them with blame for this latest killing (and many others). I have ample documentation.

I don’t believe that’s what God wants.

I believe we have a tremendous opportunity to promote the good.

Instead of heaping guilt on Hollywood’s executives we can say, “Let’s join together in combatting violence. Let’s make more uplifting movies.”

Now is the perfect time to discuss the truth with studio heads. They can actually make more money promoting righteousness than promoting violence.

I know this is what God wants.

I know it’s what you want as well.

When my heart breaks over something like this I praise God that He’s brought me together with friends like you.

Time and again you’ve stood with me.

You make it possible for me to work redeeming the media, hire staff, offer the world movieguide.org and host The Movieguide Awards.

Every time you see a press release about a Kairos prize winning script being made into a movie, or a vile program like GCB being canceled, you can rightly say, “I’m part of that.”

Today, I’m asking you to be part of a replacing violence with righteousness.

As we mourn the tragedy in Colorado, and pray for the victims and their families, let’s ask God what He would have us do to prevent future tragedies. Let’s promote righteousness.

Thank you for all you’ve done to help this ministry.

Your help now would be deeply appreciated.

May God bless you,

Ted Baehr