What You Need To Know:

CAKE stars Jennifer Aniston as Claire, a woman dealing with chronic pain and depression. When Claire goes to her support group, the subject is Nina a member who just committed suicide. Claire’s response is so depressing that the group decides to kick her out. Claire isn’t upset about their decision. She just takes more pain killers to distract herself. When one of the drugs starts to give her hallucinations of Nina, Claire decides to find out more. Meeting Nina’s husband, Roy, Claire and Roy start a relationship bonded over depression and pain.

CAKE has a strong humanist worldview with a depressing storyline but a good performance by Jennifer Aniston. Here character is constantly saying she doesn’t believe in religion and is an atheist, but her maid and caretaker is a caring and compassionate Catholic, the movie’s most positive element. CAKE has a slightly happy ending, but it’s ultimately depressing watching someone so constantly in pain and so chronically depressed. There are just a few laughs, and no compelling storyline. It also has lots of strong foul language. CAKE won’t interest many moviegoers.


(HH, C, B, FR, LLL, VV, SS, N, A, DDD, MM) Strong humanist worldview where protagonist repeatedly says she doesn’t believe in God or religion and stuffs painkillers into a statue of a Catholic saint in order to get the drugs over the border, but another character is a strong Catholic and prays to Mary over protagonist; 42 obscenities (with about 24 “f” words), five strong profanities, five light profanities, and woman vomits; some violence as woman pushes man and beats up man, woman hallucinates she’s killing herself, and woman overdoses on painkillers; depicted adultery scene; no explicit nudity, but clothing is sheer, and upper male nudity in pool scene; alcohol use; no smoking, but drugs are smuggled, people are addicted and woman overdoes on painkillers; and, lying and smuggling painkiller drugs over the border for personal use.

More Detail:

CAKE stars Jennifer Aniston as Claire, a woman dealing with chronic pain and depression. CAKE is a sad, depressing movie with a strong humanist worldview but it does have a positive Christian Catholic character, though Claire repeatedly says she doesn’t believe in religion.

Claire Simmons is sitting in her weekly sympathy group for her chronic pain and depression. The group’s leader starts to talk about one member who just committed suicide. When Claire’s response is extremely ironic and depressing, the group asks her to not return for any more meetings because of her negativity. Not caring much about this banishment, Claire returns home to her maid and caretaker, Silvana. Silvana is very compassionate toward Claire, even though Claire acts like a jerk. Even Silvana’s family tells her not to take care of Claire any more because of how poorly Claire treats people.

Going to her doctor, Claire convinces her doctor to give her more pain medications. At this point, Claire is addicted to drugs like Percocet for her chronic pain. This drug has started to give Claire hallucinations of Nina, the woman in her group who killed herself. Deciding to find out more about Nina, Claire goes to her house. There, Claire meets Nina’s husband, Roy. The two bond over their depression, telling each other how they are both angry at their situations.

When Claire goes to her physical therapy, the physical therapist tells her they don’t need to meet any more if Claire won’t make any effort. Because of this, the therapist refuses to write a litter to Claire’s doctor so she can get more painkillers. So, Claire decides to go down to Tijuana with Silvana in order to get more drugs.

Hallucinations of Nina still appear and are giving Claire suicidal thoughts. When Claire almost overdoses, she finally decides to get off the drugs completely.

CAKE has a strong humanist worldview. The main character is constantly saying she doesn’t believe in religion and is an atheist, though her caretaker is the most positive element of the movie and is a strong Catholic. CAKE is a very depressing movie. It has a lightly happy ending, but it’s literally like watching someone in constant pain and depression.

CAKE is has some very good acting in it, especially Jennifer Aniston’s acclaimed lead performance as someone in deep physical and emotional pain. The cinematography also is well done. However, the movie is mostly watching the pain, with just a few laughs and no compelling storyline. It also has lots of strong foul language. Ultimately, CAKE won’t interest many moviegoers and soon will be forgotten once the awards season is finished.

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