"Nuanced, Intense Spy Thriller"


What You Need To Know:

JASON BOURNE is the fourth in a series of thrillers about a man who became a CIA assassin code named Jason Bourne. David Webb, aka Jason Bourne, lives off the grid, surviving by participating in underground fistfights. Jason’s friend Nicky steals classified digital files about the program that turned Jason into a lean, mean fighting machine and assassin. The files reveal Jason’s father created the program before his murder. Nicky passes the files to Jason, but not before she’s killed when another assassin tries to take out her and Jason. This sets off a chain of globetrotting action sequences climaxing in Las Vegas.

JASON BOURNE is a fast-paced, exciting and nearly perfectly executed thriller (one sequence seems a little repetitive). It has a light moral worldview about finding out the truth and stopping a corrupt CIA official. It also includes some nuanced debate about balancing civil liberties with the need for security. JASON BOURNE has a lot of intense action violence, including assassinations. It also has a few strong profanities and other lighter foul language. So, MOVIEGUIDE® advises caution for JASON BOURNE.


(B, P, Ro, PC, LL, VVV, M) Light moral worldview about finding out the truth and punishing those responsible for murdering a government official and lying about it, along with an implied criticism of the belief that the ends sometimes justifies the means, with some discussion about protecting America from enemies along with a nuanced debate about balancing civil liberties with the need for security, mitigated by some Romantic, liberal, politically correct, cliché points where the CIA director turns out to be the villain; 10 obscenities (three “s” words, one SOB, the rest “h” words) and four strong profanities (two GDs and two involving Jesus or Christ); strong, intense violence includes chase scene through riots and crowds involving man on motorcycle and then man and woman on motorcycle, a long chase scene involving villain in a SWAT van and hero in a sports car, van crashes through casino, van crashes through cars traveling down a one-way street in Las Vegas, fighting, woman shot dead, sniper assassin tries to kill other people, assassin shoots four members of a spy team point blank to get closer to hero and kill him, two men fall off a lower roof of a tall building, a couple other people are shot during other scenes, hero is wounded, intense hand-to-hand combat scene between one villain and hero, and two boxing scenes set in the underground world of professional street fighting; no sexual content; no nudity; no alcohol; no smoking; and, government corruption but rebuked, one villain wants revenge, but revenge seems to be rebuked (even by the conflicted hero), and a hactivist wants to expose all of the CIA’s black ops program but hero stops him.

More Detail:

JASON BOURNE is the fourth movie in the series of spy thrillers about a man who became a CIA assassin code named Jason Bourne, trying to find out his father’s connection to the program that turned him into a ruthless killer, as he tries to avoid another CIA hitman sent to kill him. JASON BOURNE is an exciting spy thriller, but there is some content requiring caution.

Matt Damon returns to his most popular, iconic role. JASON BOUNRE opens with his character, David Webb, aka former CIA assassin Jason Bourne, living off the grid and surviving by taking part in brutal fistfights in an underground professional fighting circuit. Meanwhile, his former friend and colleague Nicky Parsons (Julia Stiles) is also living on the run. Nicky’s involved in a hacking activist network, where she’s downloading highly classified files about the assassin training programs. She finds out that Jason’s father, Charles, who was reportedly killed by a Muslim terrorist, actually started the program that turned David into the lethal weapon known as Jason Bourne.

Intending to pass along the digital records she’s found, Nicky arranges to meet Jason in Greece after she realizes her newest hacking efforts have been discovered. However, CIA Director Robert Dewey (Tommy Lee Jones) brings in another assassin known only as “the Asset” (Vincent Cassel) to kill Bourne. This sets off a chain of globetrotting chases, fights and shootouts that climax in Las Vegas at a tech conference, where the founder of a Facebook-style social network is targeted by Dewey for assassination because he refuses to allow the agency to spy on citizens through his newest software program.

JASON BOURNE is a fast-paced, exciting and nearly perfectly executed thriller, though one sequence seems a little repetitive. It de-emphasizes the direct political allusions of the earlier Bourne films in favor of a broader approach more focused on entertaining rather than forcing a point on viewers. It’s also a nuanced movie, thoughtfully showing the arguments for and against the government assassin and surveillance programs depicted in the movie. Ultimately, it portrays Bourne as a patriot, who wants the best for America, but it’s clear the CIA director is the bad guy.

As Bourne, Matt Damon continues to be a lean, mean fighting machine, acing his action sequences ranging from a harrowing motorcycle chase through an even more epic car chase and countless fistfights and gun battles. Tommy Lee Jones oozes smug self-assurance and steely resolve in his position as the CIA director, while Alicia Vikander stands out as a CIA cyber expert, who wants to help Bourne come in out of the cold and rejoin the CIA.

Co-writer and Director Paul Greengrass has fashioned a movie that’s at once pulse-pounding and thoughtful. It offers a cautionary look at the surveillance technology we all live under today, in which it’s all but impossible to escape capture or death if the government targets you. Thankfully, the title character, while conflicted, remains a man who loves his country and wants to do the right thing. For example, though Jason is eventually trying to confront the corrupt CIA director about past wrongs, he stops the hactivist, who was working with Nicky from publicly releasing all the secret files she’s gathered. As a result of its nuanced perspective, JASON BOURNE is a thriller with something positive to say and some interesting issues to ponder.

JASON BOURNE has a lot of intense action violence, including a couple furious chase scenes. It’s a story about CIA assassins, so there are some point blank shootings and sniper scenarios. The movie also has a few strong profanities and other lighter foul language. So, MOVIEGUIDE® advises caution.

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