A Stranger Introduced Chris Pratt to Jesus. . . What Happened Next Is Beautiful

A Stranger Introduced Chris Pratt to Jesus. . . What Happened Next Is Beautiful

The TV star who quickly became one of Hollywood’s most wanted actors due to his breakout success in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY and JURASSIC WORLD recently opened up in a Vanity Fair cover story about the moment he turned to Jesus. Pratt frequently tweets Bible verses, and last Easter posted an Instagram picture of him and some buddies building a giant steel cross and mounting it on a hill. Now, Pratt says it all began with a man in Hawaii coming up to him telling him that ‘Jesus told me to talk to you.’

At that time in his life, Pratt, in his early 20’s was working at a Bubba Gump Shrimp restaurant and lived on the beach in Hawaii. He was merely surviving. “I was sitting outside a grocery store. We’d convinced someone to go in and buy us beer,” Pratt said. “This is Maui, and a guy named Henry came up and recognized something in me that needed to be saved. He asked what I was doing that night, and I was honest. I said, ‘My friend’s inside buying me alcohol.’ The man asked Pratt if he had plans on drinking, doing drugs and fornicating, and Pratt admitted that he hoped so. He continued, “I was charmed by this guy, don’t know why. He was an Asian dude, maybe Hawaiian, in his 40s. It should’ve made me nervous, but didn’t. I said, ‘Why are you asking?’ He said, ‘Jesus told me to talk to you . . .’ At that moment I was like, I think I have to go with this guy. He took me to church. Over the next few days, I surprised my friends by declaring that I was going to change my life.”

It wasn’t long after that Chris Pratt was cast in a b-movie that never actually got released called CURSED PART 3, but the movie got his foot in the door of Hollywood and eventual stardom.

You can read the full Vanity Fair interview here.

(Warning: Article includes some profane language)