ABC’s Gay Propaganda Show “When We Rise” Flops

ABC’s Gay Propaganda Show “When We Rise” Flops

Part 1 of ABC-TV’s homosexual propaganda miniseries, “When We Rise,” flopped Monday night, only getting three million viewers during its timeslot Feb. 27.

The miniseries supposedly shows the history behind the modern homosexual movement, starting with a violent homosexual riot in New York City that happened at a nightclub in 1969, but it focuses on Cleve Jones, a protégé of San Francisco activist Harvey Milk.

MOVIEGUIDE® isn’t surprised by the low rating. Our annual economic analysis of the movie industry shows that movies with no homosexual content average the most money by far, not only at the domestic and overseas box office, but also on home video.

MOVIEGUIDE® has also found that the stronger and more frequent the homosexual references in a movie, the worse it does at the box office.

The only time such movies seem to make any big profits is when, during the awards season, they are hyped by the liberal “news” media or by radical activists.

– Sources:  Deadline Hollywood, 02/28/17