Behind the Scenes of THE CASE FOR CHRIST

Behind the Scenes of THE CASE FOR CHRIST 

By Evy Carroll 

Movieguide attended THE CASE FOR CHRIST movie premiere in Chicago. The movie is based on the bestselling book about an atheist journalist, named Lee Stroble, who tries to refute Christianity. Lee determined to disprove the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, after his wife, Leslie, became a Christian.

Her new faith in Jesus Christ puts a toll on the marriage, which the director, Jon Gunn explains, “seeing this new faith …, shakes up and rattles, and really threatens their love. Then watching them …desperately trying to bring each other back [to the same worldview]. It is hard when two people stand on the opposite sides of the line. You know you each think you are trying to save the other one…so that gave us a lot to work with…to make sure the movie would be compelling, emotionally and intellectually.”

Erika Christensen plays Leslie, and says that meeting the real Leslie Strobel helped her develop her character, “she is a really strong person, and she is very grounded and loving. They told us about their relationship. You can see they are so in love now, it is so amazing.” Christensen expanded, saying she connected with Leslie in the fact that “she really stands for what she believes, whether it is something large or small, that is something I would like to do. I would like to stand for what I believe and hopefully be able to express myself.”

Brian Bird wrote the screenplay from Strobel’s book. When asked how this movie will impact Christians and non-Christians, Bird answered: “I think this movie is for Christians and non- Christians. For Christians it is going to be an inoculation against doubt, for them…to help them alleviate their doubt in an age when moral relativism is huge, right, everybody’s questioning truth, having to fact check truth. The culture is in deep confusion right now and I believe that this movie is the answer, it is the path out of the confusion. So it is for skeptics and believers alike.”