Kraft Mac & Cheese Wants You to “Swear Like a Mother”

Kraft Mac & Cheese Wants You to “Swear Like a Mother”

Kraft is hitting a new low in a recent advertising campaign for Mothers Day called “Swear Like a Mother.”

In the ad, a Mom who identifies as a Ph.D. “swearing expert,” says that 74% of moms have admitted to swearing in front of their kids. She then offers replacement swear words for moms to use, but in practice shows that, to be an effective mother, you have to use real cuss words. Watch below (the curse words are bleeped).


Not too long ago, a major study and book, CURSING IN AMERICA, showed that less than 7% of Americans curse on the job and less that 12% curse in their leisure time. This conflicts with the Kraft statement thus suggesting that the Kraft study was skewed to the “have you ever.”

Movieguide® is appalled that Kraft, a brand used by many families, is encouraging mothers to model swearing to their children. Not only is this not representative of most mothers, but it also goes against our calling in the Bible to put away all “obscene” or “filthy” talk (Colossians 3:8, Ephesians 5:4).

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