3 Tips to Eating Healthier at The Movies

3 Tips to Eating Healthier at The Movies

By Tess Farrand, Contributing Writer

The popular musical Annie has a great song called “Let’s Go To The Movies,” but, once you’re there, the concession stand offers a wide variety of options that can be overwhelming. Here are some tips to healthier eating while enjoying a movie out…

1. NO butter: Most of us love being greeted by that fresh smell of buttered popcorn when we walk into a movie theater. Honestly, it can feel wrong to not add the extra butter or cheese to the staple popcorn order. However, did you know that popcorn without all the additives is actually a healthy snack? Yes, it’s true! In fact, The Atlantic even composed an article on the pros and cons of popcorn additives…. We know that some movie-theater popcorn comes with seasoning, but why add the extra butter if it’s not good for you?

2. More water: Water is key! Water consumption helps alleviate acne and keeps you feeling fresh and hydrated. In addition, water will help you feel full, so you don’t overindulge on the less healthy options at the concession counter. Movie theaters sell water bottles, but if the price is too steep for you, most theaters off water cups that you can refill throughout the movie.

3. Share: Portions are everything when it comes to eating. The layout of the candy, popcorn, hot dogs, or other items on the movie counter can sometimes make your eyes feel bigger than your stomach. A good way to combat this is to share concession items with the people with you. Also, most people who get a ton of food end up throwing it out. If it can be saved, please do. You most likely paid upwards of $10 for one or two items, so why not get your money’s worth and take it home? If it’s ice cream, maybe not… All in all, sharing is a great way to get good value for your snacks. Be on the lookout too, some theaters offer bins to split popcorn!