Outspoken Christian and Former NFL Tight End Ben Watson: ‘We Need to Seek Truth’


Screenshot via Fox News Video

Outspoken Christian and Former NFL Tight End Ben Watson: ‘We Need to Seek Truth’

By Allyson Vannatta, Senior Writer

Former NFL tight end Ben Watson told FOX & FRIENDS that America “Need[s] to seek truth.”

“A fool looks in the mirror and walks away unchanged. This is a time in America that is very, very important. We would be foolish to walk away from this time unchanged,” the outspoken Christian said.

“All of us need to seek truth, not what our pride tells us, not what we think our opinion is about ourselves or somebody else, we need to seek truth,” Watson explained.

He said the American people have to address “The reasons why these things continue to happen.”

He continued, “Justice comes in many forms, but what we’re seeing is an outcry growing from America that’s lacking truth, that’s lacking justice.”

Watson made sure to acknowledge that, “Police officers do great work. We want out police officers to be safe.”

However, he added, “People are tired of seeing these things happen over and over again and you’re seeing an outcry.”

He also said that some of the individuals at the protests are “there simply to cause problems” and “are not part of the solution.

“Those people need to get out of there, but for the rest of us that care about this country, for the rest of us that want things to be better, for the rest of us that really want to see truth and seek justice, that’s what we need to do on a personal level, but also on a corporate level as a country,” Watson said.

Movieguide® previously reported on some of the things Watson has been up to since his time in the NFL came to an end.

He is producing and partly funding a pro-life documentary titled DIVIDED HEARTS OF AMERICA.

The athlete is also the host of HUDDLE UP, a YouTube series where Christian athletes share their faith with one another.