Why FULLER HOUSE’s Last Season Is Worth Your Time

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Why FULLER HOUSE’s Last Season Is Worth Your Time

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor

FULLER HOUSE’s last season is worth your time because of its outstanding commitment to family values. 

A lot has changed since the pilot episode that came to our screens in 2016. These last nine episodes of  FULLER HOUSE, which released in early June, are engaging and full of Easter eggs and nostalgia. 

For more insight into the earlier episodes of season 5, click here. 

As Movieguide® previously reported: 

FULLER HOUSE is a spin-off show of the hit series FULL HOUSE, which ran from 1987 to 1995. Candace Cameron Bure stars as DJ Fuller, who’s a widow providing for her family and living with her best friend, Kimmy Gibbler, and younger sister Stephanie Tanner.

FULLER HOUSE definitely works to satisfy its niche audience and does so with ease.

Fan favorites like John Stamos (Uncle Jesse), who also serves as an executive producer, makes a few guest appearances in season 5, along with Bob Saget (Danny Tanner) and Dave Coulier (Joey Gladstone).


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There’s little to no objectionable content over the nine episodes. 

There’s some social drinking, but there’s no drunkenness. As far as violence, there’s a sequence with fencing but no one gets hurt, and a scene where Steve shows off his axe-throwing skills in hopes to appear macho to his friends. There’s also minimal nudity, minus a midriff in one episode.

Additionally, a few times throughout, FULLER HOUSE jokes about PC culture. For instance, in one episode, Ben (Josh Peck of DRAKE AND JOSH) says that his son has trouble with gender pronouns sometimes. Ben also makes fun of himself for his stereotypical hipster ways as a parent.  

FULLER HOUSE has a dominant moral worldview where characters care about one another and encourage forgiveness in various seasons of life. Otherwise, Stephanie does yoga in one scene where she’s trying to have some alone time, but it’s not meant to be seen as a religious statement. In another segment, Fernando cross dresses to mimic his fiancée Kimmy, but it’s meant to be comedic rather than a deeper statement. Likewise, Stephanie’s fiancé dons an outfit from her past, but it’s less feminine than Fernando’s getup. 

Like earlier in season 5, Ramona Gibbler, Kimmy and Fernando’s daughter, makes comments about feminism and being a “disgrace” to her gender. However, in one sobering scene, Ramona and Stephanie have a candid conversation about how a man will appreciate the woman he’s with if she’s true to herself.  

In the last nine episodes, DJ’s oldest son, Jackson, and Kimmy and Fernando’s daughter, Ramona, prepare to go to college. DJ’s middle son, Max, skips a grade and enters middle school. DJ’s youngest son, Tommy is talking and too precious for words. 

Meanwhile, Steve, Fernando and Jimmy’s sandwich shop continues to meet the demands of their community, which brings about a business opportunity that could separate the families going forward. DJ, Kimmy and Stephanie hustle to plan an epic triple wedding to their beaus, only to have one hiccup after another. 


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Even with all the bumps in the road for these characters, FULLER HOUSE ends on a sweet note where family is the main event. 

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