How Andrea Logan White Found Jesus in the Most Unlikely of Places


Photo via Andrea Logan White Instagram

How Andrea Logan White Found Jesus in the Most Unlikely of Places

By Allyson Vannatta, Senior Writer

This article is part of our Miracles in Hollywood series

Christian actress Andrea Logan White (MOM’S NIGHT OUT) struggled during her early years in the entertainment industry about what her purpose was in life. She was partying at the Playboy mansion and hanging out with Hugh Hefner, and miraculously those things helped her find Jesus.

While talking to Fox Radio News, White detailed the early years of her life and how the image of being a “good girl” is what started the downward spiral. It led her to want to be “physically perfect,” which turned into an eating disorder.

White revealed she even told her mother she was going to commit suicide at one point.

When she got to Hollywood, things continued to get worse.

White was invited to the Playboy mansion by a commercial agent.

“Everybody was half-naked, breast implants, [they were] aesthetically perfect. You see celebrities, I can’t even name all of them…playmates. That was my ‘normal’ because I walked into that; I did not have a faith then,” she said.

The co-founder of Pure Flix Entertainment said Hefner was a “father figure” in her life at that point. He would encourage her to eat, because of her eating disorder, and told her if she wanted to pose for the magazine she needed to put on the pounds.

Later, Hefner would even provide a limo for White and another girl to go to church.

She called him a “good hearted man,” because of how he helped her.

But, she knew the life she was living wasn’t one that that fulfilled her.

She explained, “Somehow, God used him [Hefner] in that world to really get me to a point where I realized this is not fulfillment; this is a lot of deception.”

One day after an audition, while in her car, she found herself having a mental breakdown.

She said to herself in her car, “God if you’re real, you need to show me who you are because I’ve lost my will to live. I don’t what to do with my life. Why am I here on this Earth?”

The person in the car next to her honked the horn and pointed to the radio and held up a sign. When the car started to drive off, a bumper sticker on the back of the car read “Jesus loves you.”

When she turned to the station, it was a pastor saying the exact words she had just cried out to God.

“That was really a shift in my faith and my life to start going on a better path.”

Now, White, and her husband, filmmaker David A.R. White, own Pure Flix Entertainment. The studio produces faith-based and family-based entertainment.