Kurt Russell Says Celebrities Shouldn’t Voice Political Opinions

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Kurt Russell Says Celebrities Shouldn’t Voice Political Opinions

By Cooper Dowd, Staff Writer

While many Hollywood celebrities are quick to share their political opinion, actor Kurt Russell, 69, believes that when actors readily share their opinion, it does more harm than good.  

“I’ve always been someone who felt we are court jesters. That’s what we do,” Russell told the New York Times. “As far as I’m concerned, you should step away from saying anything so that you can still be seen by the audience in any character.”

THE CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES star continued: “There’s no reason entertainers can’t learn just as much as anybody else about a subject, whatever it is. But I think that what’s sad about it is that they lose their status as a court jester. And I’m a court jester. That’s what I was born to do.”

Russell further explained the idea of the jester: “A court jester isn’t always funny. A court jester is the only one who can walk into the castle and put the king down as long as he doesn’t hit too close to home. I think that’s been a big, important part of all cultures throughout history, and I’d like to see it stay in ours.”

Despite Russell’s recent statements, the actor has obliged political answers when asked.  

Movieguide® previously reported that Russell shared a conservative view on gun control: 

A self-proclaimed libertarian, Russell recalled when he was young and decided, “Why don’t I go back and see what the Founding Fathers were all about, and see how that stacked up. Well, I found them, and I found libertarianism. They were pretty radical guys.” Before moving onto other subjects, Russell told the Daily Beast, “I believe in limited Constitutional government, free market capitalism, reach for the brass ring. There’s this place where you can go do that and don’t step on anybody’s toes and still try to reach for the brass ring.”

 Kurt Russell isn’t the only politically incorrect actor in Hollywood. Kelsey Grammar, Vince Vaughn, Patricia Heaton, Gary Sinise, and Jon Voight have all faced backlash for controversial comments in favor of conservative values.