Kirk Cameron on the Future of America: We Need to ‘Nourish’ the Roots of Culture with ‘Faith and Virtue’

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Kirk Cameron on the Future of America: We Need to ‘Nourish’ the Roots Culture with ‘Faith and Virtue’

By Movieguide® Staff

GROWING PAINS star Kirk Cameron recently discussed American culture, faith, and politics with Dave Rubin on THE RUBIN REPORT.

Cameron consistently points people to the Bible and God through his movies, and most recently, through his 100 Day Camp Fire Revival series.

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Both Rubin and Cameron noted that Americans are asking questions about faith and morality due to the hardship of the pandemic.

“One of the things that I find interesting is that when people are afraid of public shame or humiliation or condemnation, we tend to hide and we don’t let people see who we are or really what we believe,” Cameron told Rubin. “I think unfortunately people within the family of faith have felt that way and sort of kept that stuff under wraps even though the world is increasingly religious.”

“I believe that we were actually designed to know and to love God and so we wind up worshiping something if it’s not God,” Cameron said. “Whether it’s yourself or it’s the government or it’s a group of people you think are smarter, ultimately from that source will come our laws and it will dictate our morality…”

Cameron encouraged believers to stand up for their faith in every area, including the media.

“I hope that people of faith will begin to not divorce that faith from the arts and entertainment,” the former FULL HOUSE star said. “I hope that they’ll take their faith and their values and let it permeate the things that will then shape the culture.”

The outspoken Christian director and actor backed Movieguide®’s theory that faith-based, family-friendly, and moral content not only does better at the box office, but is something that people are hungry for in their entertainment.

“I think when we see more and more faith-based movies doing better and better at the box office, you look at THE CHOSEN and you see how well that’s doing, you look at the quality of that, you look at THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST years ago… I think that people are are beginning to say ‘wait a minute there’s not only a market for this but this is actually communicating good messages that most of us in America understand we’re getting away from and we want to get back to those things.'”

He continued: “I’m hoping for a revival, not just in the heart of people of faith but in Hollywood, and in government, and in the marketplace, and everywhere else.”

Cameron went on to say that what is missing today are the “roots” of “virtue and faith” that bear good fruit economically and socially.

“There are things that are built into the world that are non-negotiables and I think that false systems will always end up failing, they may flourish for a while but… if the root system underneath is not as developed, if it’s not down deep, all it takes is a strong wind and the thing topples itself,” Cameron said. “I think our culture is getting that way, eventually it will teeter and topple over because our foundational roots of faith and morality and virtue that our founders said were absolutely essential for a free society have begun to rot and we’ve neglected them.”

“If we see rotten fruit culturally, I think that the real answer is a systemic answer and we need to go down and we need to begin to nourish the roots again,” Cameron added.

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