Jennifer Garner Emphasizes the Importance of Family in THE ADAM PROJECT

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Jennifer Garner Emphasizes the Importance of Family in THE ADAM PROJECT

By Movieguide® Contributor

Jennifer Garner is opening up about the family themes explored in her latest role in Netflix movie THE ADAM PROJECT. 

“I love that this film really does just tackle how hard it is to feel like you’re doing a good enough job,” Garner told The Christian Post. “Every mom out there, every mom in the world, wants to do right by their children. And you just sometimes question it, especially when they’re adolescents and teenagers, and especially if they’re going through something really hard.”

Garner previously won Movieguide®’s Grace Prize® for her role in MIRACLES FROM HEAVEN. She’s also appeared in several other family-friendly movies including THE ODD LIFE OF TIMOTHY GREEN and YES DAY.

In THE ADAM PROJECT, Garner plays the titular character’s mother who is struggling to parent in the wake of her husband’s death. 

“Adam has just lost his dad and he’s angry, and he’s getting in trouble at school, and he’s acting out,” she explained. “And my poor character’s like, ‘Just what am I not doing right?’ And this movie just shows that vulnerability, and because of the trick of time, travel heals that and resolves it in a really satisfying way.”

The movie’s director, STRANGER THINGS’ Shawn Levy, echoes Garner’s statements about the familial themes of the movie. 

“The most gratifying reactions to ‘The Adam Project’ are … ‘I watched this with my dad, and I haven’t seen my dad cry in a decade.’ Or, ‘I finished this movie, and I called my mom because I never thank her,’” the director said. “So those kinds of connections to the way we live. Those are valuable. And that’s a dream for me, to make movies that entertain but also foster those connections to the way we live.”

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