CeCe Winans On Her Grammy-Winning Album: ‘We Gotta Believe if We’re Going to See God Move’

Photo from CeCe Winans’ Instagram

CeCe Winans On Her Grammy-Winning Album: ‘We Gotta Believe if We’re Going to See God Move’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Gospel singer Cece Winans celebrated three new Grammys for her most recent album Believe for It.

The singer earned awards for Best Gospel Performance, Best Contemporary Christian Performance, and Best Gospel Album.

Believe for It is Winans’ first live worship project, which had to be postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“The funny thing is, I finally do my live record and we had planned to do it in the beginning of 2020, then the pandemic happened,” she shared. “So, we got it done at the end of 2020 – we had a couple of people.” 

Winans also shared her hopes that this album will capture the presence of the Lord. 

“A lot of people are broken. They feel like giving up. They lost loved ones … they’re hurting. We don’t have the option not to believe, we gotta believe if we’re going to see God move in the way we need Him to move,” the singer concluded. 

Movieguide® previously reported on Believe for It:

The 12-time Grammy Award-winning Gospel artist CeCe Winans’ most recent album, “Believe For It,” continues to perform after a seven-week stretch at No. 1 on the Billboard Gospel Charts.

Winans’ 12-track album features live recordings of worship songs like “Goodness of God,” “I Have a Savior,” and “No Greater.”

The album claimed the No. 1 spot on four different Billboard Gospel Charts.

Now, Winans is taking the single “Believe For It” to popular Christian radio stations and continues to bless audiences worldwide with the message of hope.

“It’s always a privilege to work with artists of CeCe’s caliber. We are beyond excited about the success she is having with this record and we know there is much more to come,” Jeff Moseley, Founder & President of Fair Trade, said.

The album also earned 36 million views on YouTube and Facebook.

“I’m thrilled with the success of BELIEVE FOR IT because I think the message of the song is more important today than ever before. I celebrate reaching Top Ten and the millions of views the videos have received – not because it elevates me in any way – but because the songs promote the truth of the Gospel and the hope we have in Christ,” Winans said of the success of her 11th solo album.

Winans performed at the 2017 Movieguide® Awards Gala and Report to the Entertainment Industry.