NFL Prospect and Former Utah Champion Devin Lloyd Puts His Confidence in God

Photo from Devin Lloyd’s Instagram

NFL Prospect and Former Utah Champion Devin Lloyd Puts His Confidence in God

By Movieguide® Staff

Last year, NFL prospect Devin Lloyd announced that he would return to Utah for another season of college football.

Lloyd’s decision paid off, as he won the Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year and helped Utah win their first conference championship since 2008.

“I envisioned the success we’re having now,” Lloyd told the Salt Lake Tribune last year. “I wanted to be a part of that. And I wanted to be the best I could be before I left. I wanted to be a champion. I’d never won a championship in my life.”

This year, Lloyd is a favorite to land the first pick in the 2022 NFL draft. However, Lloyd’s confidence is not in earning the first pick but in God.

“By the way I’ve worked, through my faith, I expect to be the best,” he told the Tribune. “I believe in myself, I believe in the Lord. It doesn’t always happen the way you think, but it’s amazing how it comes together.”

“My faith is huge,” he added. “I live through the Lord. I speak with Him every day. I express my appreciation. It’s a testament to my parents, the way they brought me up, and I’ve had a lot of great examples in my life who have influenced me.”

Ahead of NFL draft night on April 28, Lloyd trusts the Lord with his future.

“Ultimately I know that God is going to send me where I’m meant to go and I am going to end up at the right location,” Lloyd told Sports Spectrum in March.

Lloyd is vocal about his faith on social media, often including praises to God and scripture in his posts.